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Overington Park to Receive Community Greening Award

Overington Park, located at Leiper and Orthodox Streets, has been named a recipient of the Community Greening Award by the Pennsylvania Horticultural park award webSociety.  Evaluators from the PHS visited 89 gardens statewide evaluating sites based on plant variety, design, use of space, and horticultural practices..  There will be a reception on December 10th at the Governor’s residence hosted by Mrs. Corbett, the First Lady, for the winners.

Congratulations to the Friends of Overington Park on the honor and thanks to all of you for your hard work that brought this honor home to Frankford.

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FRANKFORD GARDEN CLUB is Hosting a Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Workshop

“The Benefits of Companion Planting”

A Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Workshop

Monday, June 24, 2013 6-7pm


Wissinoming Park, Cheltenham Ave Entrance, between Frankford Av and Charles St

Come and Grow your gardening skills – Environmental educator and Master Gardener Lori Hayes will explain how the right combination of plants can help your garden, whether you have a large yard or just a few flower pots.

Companion planting mixes compatible vegetables, herbs and flowers to the benefit of all, to help repel annoying insects and limit the spread of disease.   This Workshop is Free to the Public, the Community is invited to attend.  For more information, Contact Janet E Bernstein, Frankford Garden Club President, at 267-982-9620 or Vice President Johnnie Mae Parker 215-537-0145

 Project Coordinator
 PHS Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
 100 N. 20th Street – 5th Floor
 Philadelphia, PA 19103-1495
 p: 215.988.8872
 f: 215.988.8810
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Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Garden Tenders Work Day

Yes, this Thursday (May31st) from 5:30 to 8:30pm, Sally McCabe and her PHS Garden Tenders will be meeting on Overington Street (the block between Penn St and Leiper St, one block from the Library), where they will assist classmates and Frankford Garden Club members to fix up a new Garden on the block.  
What needs to be done?  Clean weeds from the patio area, clean out trash from a back ivy-covered corner, cut down several young mulberry saplings, cut back vines, put up some string or wire for wisteria to grow on, break or cut up a huge but very decayed tree trunk, and if there is time, dig a new flower bed
What do we need?  Shovels, trash bags, brown paper bags, loppers, rakes.
The Frankford Garden Club will supply gloves, hand pruners, tree saw, a garden claw, any plants or seeds you have extra.
 This is a potluck affair, so please bring a snack or drink to share! The Garden Club will provide paper goods.
 Hope to see you there!