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Get to Know a Frankford Business: Precision Auto

Robert Tong Brings Precision to Frankford

By Alexander Houston

robert tong webWhat is a good neighbor? There are many fine examples. I have written of those I call pillars of this community, and Robert Tong is an example. He is the proprietor of Precision Auto, a full service auto clinic, in Frankford. He has been in business for 13 years and has a cadre of grateful customers of which I am one. I had a pleasant conversation with him on Friday afternoon, and I asked him The Question.

AH: So Rob, what is your definition of a good neighbor?

RT: I think a good neighbor is one who is clean, helpful, respectful, and pleasant too. This is how I like to treat my customers.

AH: You are a full service auto repair shop. What does that mean.

RT: We do everything except body work. However, honesty is important to us and if there is a problem we cannot handle we will tell you. We do not want to experiment with your car. We’d rather be honest with you.

AH: So how long have you been at this location?

RT: We have been in Frankford for 3 years, but I have been in business for 13 years and in the auto repair field for 18 years.

AH: How did it all start for you?

RT: I am a 3rd generation American, and as I said I have been in the business for 18 years. During high school, I went to tech school and after college began with Penske. I started at the bottom and worked hard. I took advantage of opportunities for advancement and soon invested in my own shop and here we are today.

AH: So how Is the business here and how many do you have in your employ?

RT: Business has been going well. We would like to service more people of the Northwood community, but so far so good. We have 3 techs working full time. We are getting established.

AH: What are your plans. What do do you see in your future in Frankford?

RT: I would like to expand the business, and as I said earlier, we would like to service a wider network of clients. More importantly, I am interested in my customers satisfaction and safety.

AH: Do you have any gripes?

AT: I do have some pet peeves but they are minor. For one, parking is an issue. Too often people will park on our lot and it inconveniences my customers. More importantly it is a safety issue. Sometimes people will shortcut through our lot, and that is dangerous because men are working and often cars are being moved. I would ask people to be very careful.  I am concerned about their safety.

AH: A theme is emerging here: Honesty and Safety. Would you say that is a proper assessment?

AT: Absolutely! To me honesty and safety are most important! I think it’s all part of being good a neighbor.

AH: And may I add to that IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH! And Robert thanks so much for your time.

Dear Reader, I must admit it, I have other complaints: Loud music in cars and played late at night, disrespectful youths, and adults to name a few. But these flaws do not have to be the norm for Frankford. We are better than that! There are success stories. There are many fine restaurants and convenience stores, salons, and barbers shops in Frankford. There are many hardworking block captains and citizens who care deeply about this community. To date, I have written about only a few, but I raise my glass to you all. You are our leaders. Indeed, Frankford is in dire need of folks who lead by Good example. And Mr. Robert Tong, you make us better. You not only bring Precision in auto care, but precision in character. You are displaying (day in and day out) what it takes to be a good neighbor.

So to Mr. Robert Tong, the techs, and office staff at Precision Auto at Foulkrod and Penn streets in Frankford, we appreciate you, and hope you remain a part of our community for a long long time.