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Christmas lights in Frankford

We have been touring Frankford for the last few nights and I have to admit I was surprised on a few streets.  On some, it was completely dark and yet on others it looked like Broadway.  I think the best lights on a single block were on the 5000 block of Duffield.  Close to that was the 1600 block of Haworth.  The most extensive decoration on a single property was down on Orchard Street.  That place deserves a video.  The slide show is below.  Here is the flickr album.

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Christmas in Frankford

We’ll be posting a slide show of the Christmas lights in Frankford this year. We try to hit every nook and cranny of the town but if you have pictures and want to be sure your house will be included, email them to

Sometimes when we go by a house it looks great but for some reason we can’t get a good picture. Tonight was trash night in one area and we had to pass a few houses because of that. Also parked cars can block a good shot and some other factors will make us pass up your house. To be sure, take a picture and email it. Include the general location, xxxx block of x street.

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Overington Park Tree Planting

The rain was really coming down at 9:30 yesterday morning but Diane said rain or shine and she means business so I waited till the last minute and by 9:55 it was letting up.  Trees for Overington Park were waiting to be planted and I had to go.

When I got over there several people were already going to work and since I’m a better digger than thinker I took a shovel and commenced to excavate.  While I was digging the kids from the Northeast Boys and Girls Club trooped in.  The folks from the Frankford Garden Club were also in attendance and a guy from Northeast Tree Tenders really was very helpful.  Former Councilman Dan Savage also come by to help.  He rarely misses a neighborhood event like this.

Several other folks from the area came to volunteer including one nice lady from Wissinoming who remembers the park from her childhood and wanted to see it again.  Most of the trees were planted within and hour and a half and I had to go down to Fouldrod Street to get some pictures of the protest so I packed it up and took off.

The kids were still waiting for the pretzels and drinks that were promised by Councilpersons office (Maria Quiñones-Sánchez).  They were supposed to be there by 10 but I don’t think they ever arrived.

This is a link to the slideshow on Flickr of the activities.  Have a look.

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Frankford home of the week

Also down on the 1600 block of Harrison Street is a unique and at the same time disadvantaged property.  It is an old victorian converted to apartments but the owners have maintained it beautifully all these years.  I was looking for an apartment back in 1970 and looked there but they didn’t have anything in my price range.  It is still a great looking building today.

See our slideshow of all the homes of the week here.