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Focus on Frankford: Unique Davis

We caught up with Unique Davis at Wissinoming Park one day last week as he coached some young boys  on the Wissinoming Cardinals football team for boys 9 to 15.

He came up on our radar because he is a Frankford resident and has been nominated by the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association of SE PA to receive the 2013 Union League Good Citizenship Award on October 3rd.  Unique is starting his senior year at Frankford High school in September and is looking forward to the football season as well as the final year in high school.

IMG_3670 webHe is an outstanding athlete playing on the offensive line for the Frankford Pioneers.   He also enjoys wrestling although at 6’2” and 275 pounds I don’t know who would be willing to take him on.  He is a soft spoken young man somewhat reticent to talk about himself and his achievements.

He is proud of his work in the Peer Group Connection program at Frankford.   Peer Group Connection is a program that trains adolescents to be leaders amongst their peers. These teen leaders facilitate discussions concerning peer issues, blending sensitivity and responsibility.   His focus in this effort has been in working with the incoming students from Middle school who are new to Frankford.   The first year for these kids is crucial if they are going to get off to a good start.  Unique has been an honor roll student and intends to go to college.

When you ask him who has influenced him the most, he talks about Dominic Doyle, assistant coach at Frankford.

He credits the influence of his mentor through the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, Judge Charles Rainey, Chief Administrative Law Judge for the PA Public Utility Commission, for helping and advising him to see the opportunities that lay before him whether they are in football or another field after College.

He also credits his grand mom, Evelyn with being an inspiration to him.  Her work ethic and dedication to education has been an example as she has graduated with an associates degree and is now working on a bachelors degree program.

Congratulations to Unique and his family for the honor of being nominated for this award.  It looks to have been well earned.