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Frankford CDC Now Blogging on United Philly

From Michelle Feldman of the Frankford CDC:

We wanted to let you know that the Frankford CDC is now blogging at, too. We are still keeping our main blog, but will also be sharing information about the CDC and our projects at United Philly.  You can find our first blog post here: And you can read more about United Philly here: and here:

We first heard of United Philly through our talks with Startup Corps, a year long entrepreneurship program for high school students through which participants start their own businesses and nonprofits. United Philly, as an organization, seeks to act as a bridge among nonprofits in the Philadelphia area, to create mutually productive partnerships and help ensure that organizations working on similar issues learn from each other and help each other grow and succeed. The Frankford CDC believes that through blogging at United Philly, we will be able to further positively promote Frankford as a neighborhood and community.
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Economic Development with the Frankford CDC

Interesting post on United Philly about the Frankford CDC.

On July 15th, Phresh Philadelphia was introduced to the Frankford Community Development Corporation by a nonprofit organization called Startup Corps. To give you a little information about both the organizations, the Frankford CDC goals are primarily to better the economic and social fabric of the Frankford community. Startup Corps goal is to take high school students and turn them into entrepreneurs with real businesses.

You can read it over there from this link.