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Lydia Darragh

One of the most frequent search terms that brings people to the Frankford Gazette is “Lydia Darragh”.  I am not sure why but, possibly, there are not many sources of information on the web and we have had a few posts featuring her.  So in that light, our Friend, Joe Menkevich, has offered to share some of his research with a wider audience.

This first installment is a PDF of the Lydia Darragh story done by the Center City Historical Society in 1910 or 1911.  It is provided courtesy of the Historical Society of Frankford and was digitized by Joe Menkevich.

Although Joe does not entirely agree with any of the accounts, he says of this account: “It is pretty much the most thorough investigation and explanation of Lydia’s Walk to Frankford. It is largely the foundation for many of the modern day accounts on Lydia Darragh.”

He has provided some other information that we will be posting in the future.   At some point Joe will summarize with the conclusions he has drawn and provide what he believes to be the definitive account the the Lydia Darragh story.

Follow this link to download the file.  click on the “Save a Copy” tab in the upper
left hand corner of the Adobe Acrobat window to save to your hard drive or desktop.

From Joe:  “Although this publication from 1916 may now be considered Public Domain, you have not found it until now, close to 100 years later.  Please give credit where credit is due. It takes time, labor, generosity to preserve the historical records of our heritage and digitizing the records.

The Historical Society of Frankford has been preserving the documents for over 100 years. It also costs money to keep a roof over their head, pay the gas electric, water and taxes. This PDF. is a promotional  in the hope that you will visit, join and support The Historical Society of Frankford.”

“Please join the Society or donate some money.  The history you save is your own. Thank you.”