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Lydia Darragh

From Joe Menkevich we have this link.  It is an account of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) visit to Philadelphia on December 24, 1853.  He talks about several places of note he visited, among them:

At the corner of Little Dock and Second streets, stands the queer looking old house occupied by the heroic Lydia Darrah. It was here, if I remember the story aright, that she left the British officer, and taking her flour bag, set off to inform Gen. Washington of the intended attack of the British upon his camp; and her heroic conduct defeated the plans of the red-coats, and saved the Americans. Well does she deserve a monument; but no such monument is hers. As one might almost guess, her old mansion is now occupied by a Jew, as a clothing store.

Of course, he is reporting what was the accepted story at that time.