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Read Any Good Books Lately

John Loftus, of the Northeast Times, gives us the scoop from around the region in “Getting between the covers”:

So for all those people who get bookstore gift cards as Christmas presents, the Northeast Times asked scores of people – regular Janes and Joes to public figures – to recommend one or two good reads. Their ideas range from purely entertaining to thought-provoking, from classic to new, and only a few of their suggestions are on a current list of best-sellers.

Read the entire story here.  If Oprah has a book club, why doesn’t Frankford.

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  1. Fiction: Anything by Philip Roth and Joyce Carol Oates

    Detective Stories: James Patterson and Robert Parker (love those short chapters)

    Bio’s: Robert Caro’s three books on LBJ (waiting for the 4th and final book).

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