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4600 Block of Frankford Avenue Improvements

John Loftus, of the Northeast Times, writes today about the program to improve business facades in the 4600 block of Frankford Avenue.

The city has $200,000 it is willing to spend on facade improvements along the avenue’s 4600 block, said Tracy O’Drain, managing director of the Frankford Community Development Corp.

You can read the complete story here.  Anything to improve the Avenue is a plus.

We were kept in the dark by all concerned until hearing about it last night at the Northwood Civic meeting.  You may see some news on the Frankford CDC’s new blog.  They have been actively posting since it went live a couple of weeks ago.  We link to under our blogroll over on the right hand side of this page or you can check it out right here.

2 thoughts on “4600 Block of Frankford Avenue Improvements

  1. That’s a ridiculous way to spend that money. How about cleaning up the trash instead, or widening one of the streets leading into Frankford from I-95? The only sustainable way to clean up Frankford Avenue is to make people want to do business there. Once they do, they will clean up their own storefronts.

  2. Matt A. — There is a program in place already that has people cleaning up the streets and removing grafitti, trash, signs, etc. There is also a group that patrols, observes, and reports the ‘happenings’ on the Avenue. This is just an extension and a progression of what is already in progress. For info on these projects you can attend the Frankford Civic meeting and speak with Tim W. My thoughts on the whole issue is it’s a great sign that the Avenue is not being ignored.

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