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Frankford Gains Population

The folks at the Inquirer saved me a heck of a lot of work.  I was about ready to start extracting the Frankford data from the census and now I find that they have done it for me and far better than I could.  So you can see their work here.

The bottom line is that Frankford saw an increase of 3.7% (total in 2010 38,459) since the year 2000.  The area of Frankford includes Northwood, East Frankford and much of the area as far as Aramingo Avenue I believe.  Significant decrease in the number of white folks was offset by increases in the numbers of Black and Latino.  Even the Asian population went up by 0.9%.

See the chart below from the Inquirer for the specifics:

Frankford census recap from the Inquirer

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  1. That’s interesting. What was our population in 1990?

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