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Frankford Gains Population

The folks at the Inquirer saved me a heck of a lot of work.  I was about ready to start extracting the Frankford data from the census and now I find that they have done it for me and far better than I could.  So you can see their work here.

The bottom line is that Frankford saw an increase of 3.7% (total in 2010 38,459) since the year 2000.  The area of Frankford includes Northwood, East Frankford and much of the area as far as Aramingo Avenue I believe.  Significant decrease in the number of white folks was offset by increases in the numbers of Black and Latino.  Even the Asian population went up by 0.9%.

See the chart below from the Inquirer for the specifics:

Frankford census recap from the Inquirer

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Jobs for the Census

Census2010_Red_smFrom the tip line today:

I am a Recruiting Assistant with the U.S. Census Bureau, and we are actively recruiting applicants in your area. Please add this information to your community calender. It will really help get the word out about Census jobs:

U.S. Census Bureau
IS NOW RECRUITING FOR–Crew Leaders, Assistant Crew Leaders, and Enumerators…Call our TOLL FREE number to be scgeduled for a basic skills test:  1-866-861-2010. Visit our website for more information: