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Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Frankford CDC will be submitting a proposal to the City for the Neighborhood Advisory Committee Program (NAC). Under the NAC Program, Neighborhood-Based Non-Profit Corporations shall provide residents the opportunity to give input on housing, community, commercial and economic development programs as well as related citizen participation, public information and neighborhood planning activities. This includes, but is not limited, to the following:
  • Promoting sustainability through recycling, cleaning, planting and alternative energy efforts.
  • Creating employment opportunities through job placement and training, retail revitalization, and educational assistance efforts.
  • Enhancing neighborhood safety through town watches, youth mentoring and community outreach programs.
  • Providing quality and affordable residences through new housing, preservation of existing housing and mortgage foreclosure prevention programs.

I have heard the view expressed in the past that the public does not really know what is going on with the CDC.  Volunteering for a position on the Neighborhood Advisory Committee will give you an opportunity have a direct voice in what direction the CDC takes.  We are at an interesting and critical time in the history of Frankford.  We grew in population over the last 10 years.

The  “committee” will be set up and meet at least four times a year and will advise the NAC Coordinator and the Frankford CDC on neighborhood initiatives.  The Committee will appoint members to serve on the Frankford CDC Board of Directors and the FCDC Board shall be represented on the NAC.  The NAC Coordinator will also be responsible for communicating resources and services that are available to residents (e.g. mortgage counseling, etc).

You can read all the details about the NAC on the CDC’s bog here.


37 thoughts on “Neighborhood Advisory Committee

  1. Oh please – not another Frankford Plan! Didn’t we go through this twice before?

    What is going to change Frankford is some Developer who, for whatever reason, believes they can make money by changing Frankford into an upscale community. Existing homes will either be knocked down and new homes or condos built in their place or our existing homes will be renovated. In either case the homes will sell for over $300,000. (by todays market). Our mansions will be restored and sold for what they are actually worth. Will our real estate taxes go up? Most definitely. Will we loose many of the people who presently reside in Frankford? For sure. Frankford Avenue would have an entirely different look with more upscale retail stores and maybe more open spaces for small gardens or outdoor cafes. It could happen, but it’s going to take people with a lot of money who believe they can make a lot of money by developing Frankford.


  2. NET is the drug rehab. center on the 4600 block of Frankford Ave. where the ex-cons and methadone addicts hang out. The President of NET is on the Board of Directors of the Frankford CDC. So how much does the Frankford CDC really want to improve Frankford? If and when Frankford ever does become revitalized places like NET will be the first to go. There are people running the CDC who have a stake in keeping Frankford as “The Hood”.

  3. Lorraine Says: “There are people running the CDC who have a stake in keeping Frankford as ‘The Hood’.”

    There has always been a conflict of interest in having a Frankford CDC made up of Non-Profits as the dictators to the Business Community.

    In many, years, what has changed?

    March 19–26, 1998: “The district also plans to hire “safety ambassadors” who will pair off to handle “light work” for the police department. “They could escort people walking home late at night,” says Lynda DeSouza, Special Services District manager.

    “And they could coordinate reports of narcotics activity, to help establish patterns for the police.” Once the district coughs up the money to purchase two-way radios, Frankford Avenue will be even safer…”

    It is the Frankford Business Professional Association that should be the FCDC and not taking the “marching orders” from anyone.
    Frankford Community Development Corporation:

    Marie DeLany, President of the CDC & The Overington House, Inc.

    Marie as president of the CDC is the “Fox watching the hen-house.” She certainly looks out for her paying job at the Overington House, and Marie is in the position to be a “beard” for her husband.

    Her husband, Ken, “The Bishop,” runs a very profitable recovery house on Frankford Avenue – a clear Conflict of Interest.

    Dan Lodise, Vice President of FCDC and works in the Office of State Representative Brendan B. Boyle. This is a BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST!

    Any employee of a public official has no business on a CDC board. It puts the elected Public Servant in a superior posture to dictate to those he is suppose to represent.

Terence McSherry – Northeast Treatment Centers – NET- Conflict of interest.

    Faye Allen, Special People In Northeast/Resident – SPIN – Conflict of interest.

    Business (offering goods & services to taxpayers) is what keeps a community strong & vital. Non-profits are not part of the Tax Base and do not support the community, but their presence does support criminals & criminal activities.

    Anyone who profits by running a non-profit business is a shameful God-less profiteer; – profiteers who enable the “useless eaters” destroy the Business District.

    Jea-sus fried Chrispy is just a substitute Drug, and the non-profits know how to package it & sell it. The tax-payers are stuck paying the freight.

    All the Useless Eaters & drug addicts find “religion” behind bars of the jail-house and then end up in Frankford.

    Drug rehabs = Useless Eaters

    Faith Based Initiatives = Useless Eaters

    Non-Profit Organizations in Frankford are all Useless Eaters

    The Philosophy Of ‘Useless Eaters’

    Self preservation:
    Do not let they (who want to destroy themselves) take you with them.

    If people want to die or destroy themselves – let them do it, let them go!

    Political Assassin

  4. Lorraine you are 100% correct on both of your posts. This city, especially this area, seems to have more non-profits than the rest of the United States.

  5. So, how do we (the people of Frankford) go about disbanding the present CDC? How do we make sure there isn’t money going into their pockets from the City, State or Federal Governments? Because as long as they (the members of the CDC) can make money from a depressed area such as Frankford you can bet your sweet life that they will use whatever means necessary to make sure Frankford stays a depressed area.

    Oh, they may throw a few crumbs in the neighborhood like art festivals once a month or people walking up and down Frankford Avenue with “Safety Ambassador” t-shirts to make the residents of Frankford think they really do care about your safety. But they want the neighborhood to stay just as it is and maybe a little worse. The more transient the neighborhood becomes the less people there are to oversee what they are doing.

  6. @Lorraine-The CDC has Board members who are residents and bussiness owners in Frankfod and are working very hard as volunteers trying to make Frankford better. Just because two of them work with recovery doesn’t mean they have an evil agenda of some sort. They get very little money from the state and almost nothing from the city. They are not paid at all. They also have an annual meeting every year the public is invited to but few bother to show up. They are the only group in Frankford not controlled by local political leaders as the civics and the epic groups are. There seem to be a lot of incorrect assumptions going around about CDC by the public and alot of lies spread around by certain people with their own political agendas. If you read their blog witten by Michelle Feldman the activities are listed in it along with other accurate information. The safety Ambassador program was an initiative of the Frankford Special Services District not the CDC btw. The first FSSD and Frankford Hospital created it originally. The New FSSD has open meetings you could go to and find out what they are doing. They are a quazi municipal authority and are funded through FSSD tax bills paid by the property owners in the business district. The two groups are not affiliated with each other.

  7. The CDC – “are the only group in Frankford not controlled by local political leaders as the civics and the epic groups are.”

    That’s an interesting comment.

    What is needed is NWCA-Pres and Kate Clark from Juniata Civic to run the CDC. They know how to get things in order.

    Here is an interesting read:

    The Price of Crime – by Sonja Sherwood, Staff Writer
    Monday, January 7, 2008, 12:00am EST


    ” Marie Delany and her husband Ken closed their year-old pizza parlor on Oxford Avenue in the Frankford section four months ago because they couldn’t keep delivery drivers from quitting.

    ‘They were beat up and robbed and they were out and outright afraid,’ said Delany, a longtime Frankford resident. “I had one person hand back all the pizzas he went out with and say, ‘Here, you deliver this yourself.’ After 8 or 9 o’clock it turns into OK Corral.”

    Frankford experienced a 126 percent jump in violent crime between 1998 and 2006.

    Delany said crimes there have become more serious since the late ’90s, when most were nuisances. “Now we have…gunshots going off at least once a week on Penn Street,” she said.

    “People do not feel safe in Frankford; in fact, there’s a large level of alarm,” said Catherine Bowers, vice president of the board of the Frankford Community Development Corp. since 2005 and executive director of Frankford Group Ministry, a United Methodist church.

    “One person I know was on his way to work and he got robbed and shot, and he doesn’t want to be in the paper because he doesn’t want retribution.

    In the last couple of weeks there have been people getting robbed at the El stop — that’s the stop where the kids get off from after school, and it’s scary.”
    Frankford has tried to emulate strategies used elsewhere to improve its business corridor.

    It formed a revitalization plan about 12 years ago and established the community development corporation and a special services district, which levy assessments on property owners for beautification and economic development.

    But in 2005, the CDC collapsed amid financial mismanagement, Bowers said. It laid off its staff of a dozen people, Frankford’s then City Councilman Rick Mariano went to jail on bribery counts, and the special services district fell apart.

    The CDC reorganized with all-new leaders, including Delany who became its president, a staff of two and a part-time bookkeeper. The special services district has also regrouped and resumed limited trash pickup.

    “There was a lot of anger and discontent about the CDC … promises made that weren’t kept, and that was there, but we think that’s been changing, and we hope there’s more support,” Bowers said.

    The feeling in Frankford, true or not, is that Center City’s success was had at Frankford’s expense.

    “Some people directly blame Center City for displacing poor people,” said Bowers. “I heard from a former CDC employee, I don’t know if it’s true, that people were specifically moved from Center City to Frankford by the housing agency to get them out of the way down there.”
    Source: Premium content from Philadelphia Business Journal

    There are no members of the community who really volunteer – there is always money in it – somewhere.

    The only reason the CDC still has the same core group of people (who should be out) is because they elect themselves by acclamation due to community apathy.

    These two pdf’s are word searchable. The key word to search is: Frankford.

    Nov 8, 2010 – This area includes both sides of Frankford Avenue and certain side streets from …. CDC and Mariano convinced the Philadelphia City Council to pass a bill giving ….. CDC needed aid to continue expensive street cleaning.

    FGM CDC and [City Councilman] Mariano convinced the Philadelphia City …

    The Ghost

  8. To Lyndad:
    When you have people on the Board of Directors of the CDC who operate and receive their salaries from non-profits that would only be allowed to function in a depressed area of the city, then you don’t have people running the CDC that will work toward upgrading our area. Do you honestly think that an area such as Northern Liberties or Fishtown would tolerate a facility such as NET with ex-cons and addicts hanging out on a main business street?

    Frankford is an area that is dominated by non-profits. In other words Frankford is a non-revenue producing area of the city. The neighborhoods that produce revenue for the city are the neighborhoods that receive action from City Hall, the police, L&I, etc. I would like to see Frankford become a revenue producing neighborhood. However, I don’t feel that some of the people running the Frankford CDC really want Frankford to transform because their non-profits will be in jeopardy with Frankford’s transformation.

  9. Lyndad – regarding the CDC you stated:”They get very little money from the state and almost nothing from the city. They are not paid at all.”

    Their latest proposal to the City, and the whole point of the above article, tells me that they are lookiing for grant money from the City. Am I reading this wrong?

  10. @Lorraine -looking for and getting are two different things. They get very little from the city as you can see from annual audit which is public record. The CDC Board is 100% volunteer they do not get paid. The new FCDC is very different from when Steve Culbertson was in charge. Now that he, Kate Clarke and Chris Johanson are long gone the new CDC Board has come along way in undoing all the damage that was done back in the days they were around.
    @GMP-Is it possible you are confusing the old CDC with the new group runnig it? The new FSSD is not affiliated with the current CDC. In the past FCDC was the fudiciary agent for FSSD but that has not been the case in a long time. I feel like there are a lot of stones being thrown at the current FCDC that are directed at the wrong people. The CDC had a lot of debt to clear up and a lot of relationships to mend from the prior group. t took a lot of time and work to get to where they are now. They are finally able to move forward with new work and they do not benefit from keeping Frankford down in anyway.

    In the past the old FSSD was afiliated with Frankford Group Ministry too. Frankford Group Ministry started FUNCDC too but that is all in the past we need to work together as a community with the CDC it is the only group the community has any say in or any control over what happens next. It is not a puppet group of any local politcian like many other groups are on Philadelphia. The people who benefit from keeping Frankford down are the political leaders that keep everyone busy fighting with each other so they can continue to use Frankford as their dumoing ground because the community is so polarized and fractous there is no one community voice to keep out unwanted social service agencies.

  11. Frankford as their dumping ground.

  12. lyndad states: “………the community is so polarized and fractous there is no one community voice to keep out unwanted social service agencies.”

    But do you think that a CDC that has the President of NET on its Board should be that voice? In addition, according to “Political Assassin” the husband of the President of the FCDC also runs “a very profitable recovery house on Frankford Ave..” Don’t you see a conflict of interest here?

    If I wanted “to keep out unwanted social service agencies” why would I attend an organization that supports them? And if the FCDC does not support NET or other recovery facilities in Frankford, then they should ask Mr. McSherry and Ms. DeLany to resign their positions.

  13. Lorraine Says: ” … according to “Political Assassin” the husband of the President of the FCDC also runs “a very profitable recovery house on Frankford Ave..”

    The dung heap is high in Frankford.

    I have pulled the 990’s on many of these organizations, so I know how much money their “administrators” are making – or are reporting.

    Some of these organizations are outright frauds.

    They may be floating some things under the table & off the books – but without an investigation – who would know?

    To prove a point:


  14. Bishop Delany does not run a recovery house and he is not on the FCDC Board. Marie Delany has put blood, sweat and tears into the diligent stewardship of that CDC for years in a thankless unpaid job as CDC President. Struggling to undo all the damage of the previous CDC group, whilst also previously running a transitional home for women and their children which I can tell you as a close neighbor is not any kind of nuisance to the community. The neighbors have been fully supportive of the facility. Mr McSherry has served as a volunteer and his insights and experience are certainly an asset in trying to find solutions to combat unlicensed nuisance facilities that plague Frankford. He has also been contributing his own time and expertise to advance the community he works in. These people get no pay, zero, they put in a ton of time attending Board meetings and additionally, committee meetings. They don’t ask for thanks or recognition from anyone. They certainly don’t deserve the kind of personal attacks I read here. There are a mix of business owners, residents and community group leaders on that Board. It is diverse and the volunteers are dedicated and committed to one goal. The betterment of the community. There is no line of people waiting to do this work. Recently they were advertising for nominations for new Board members to replace resigned or deceased members. There were very few takers. The annual audit report is done by a reputable, independent agency and is available for public inspection at any time as it is with any 501-c-3 organization. The office is located at 4900 Griscom Street if any of the CDC detractors want to go there and look at the place they will be quickly disabused of any notions of any squandered money.

  15. BTW @PA- When you check the dates on some of those listings in your link you will see they are old as in-Ken Delany- 2002, MT Airy Children’s House-Dr Donahue etc, not current at all. MACH is long gone,as is Dr Donahue. Just to name a few.

  16. Lyndad Says: “Bishop Delany does not run a recovery house … When you check the dates on some of those listings in your link you will see they are old as in-Ken Delany- 2002”

    Is not Ken Delany & the Bishop the same person?


    I have the recent 990’s from one year ago for the 12 step recovery house, & the Overington house. I know what the Mr. & Mrs. are taking down for a paycheck.

    There is a conflict of interest with all the incestuous non-profit relationships in Frankford.

    No personal attacks here – just the facts.

    I have a lot more facts. Do you really want to see them all?

    Political Assassin

  17. are there any non profits in Frankford that do not ride off the backs of the poor? It is a feeding frenzy here

  18. Wednesday, September 29, 2004 1:09 PM

    Xxxxxxx, here is a web site that has the 990’s of all the local “enemies.”

    Search their site using only the word – Frankford.

    Look at all those charitable organizations here in the 19124 zip code!

    This group has more names than Philip Morris has brands of cigarettes.

    Pay special attention to:




    4620 Griscom St
    Philadelphia, PA 19124
    (No 990 yet. This one is just a shell with a fancy name waiting for a cause and then comes the funding.)

    You can still access information like “Mission and Programs,” and “Board of
    Directors.” This is good just to see who is in bed with who.

    I happened to look at the 990’s of THE NEW FRANKFORD COMMUNITY Y.

    Now here I found some really interesting bedfellows. (Given that we know some of the past directors and there is some litigation pending against some of the current directors.)

    Board of Directors
    Marie Delany, DIRECTOR
    Rick Manano, Honorary Member
    Tom Brady, DIRECTOR
    Carol Hancock, DIRECTOR
    Bill Pettigrew, DIRECTOR
    Herman Idler, DIRECTOR
    James Gill, DIRECTOR    
    Tony Rachuba, DIRECTOR    
    Lorraine Nell, DIRECTOR
    Ed Leszczynski, DIRECTOR
    Charles Sgnilo, DIRECTOR   
    Paul Schrenk, President
    Craig Lebisky, Vice President
    Tony Herman, Treasurer
    Steve Blackburn, Secretary

    Back to now: August 18, 2011

    There is more here than meets they eye, considering all the money disappeared and the New Frankford Community Y was bankrupt.

    “Some people” are still trying to cover for Terry Toben by doing a “Wash Sale” on the Y.

    But with all the missing money – there are many pieces still need to be gathered – after he took the money, where did he spend it?

    How did he spend it?

    He was not wealthy nor did he live extravagant.

    Did he have a gambling Problem?

    Was he being blackmailed?

    Did he act alone, or did he have co-conspirators?

    I’ll go with Blackmailed by Co-Conspitators.

    Suppose he stole a little money and someone knew – and that person (or persons) forced him steal a little more just to pay the hush money, and then it never stopped.

    Aside from the list of 2004, Who were Tobin’s other Best – Best Friends during his tenure -that were always by his side?

    Well it was The Frankford Alumni Association!

    They were his friends: “Terry Tobin, the alumni association’s financial secretary and treasurer, graduated from Frankford High in 1962.” see:

    Frankford: Celebrating 100 Years at Frankford High School

    But it looks like Terry Tobin was not a very good friend to them:

    Unauthorized use of Frankford Alumni Funds totaling $100,000+
    by Frankford High School – Philadelphia, PA on Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 9:00pm

    Dear All Frankford Alumnus, (SIC, that should be Alumni, FHS grads)
    I volunteered for the Frankford Alumni at the turn of the century and established the web site for use by the Alumni.  Over the years I enjoyed building and adding new features and hosting the site all at no cost to the Alumni. 
    In 2010 I made a decision to start charging for the use of the site and my time to update for a number of reason.  However, I did not start billing the Alumni for services until January of 2011; a very fair rate I may add.
    In January 2011 when I heard the Treasurer died suddenly I was shocked and volunteered as the new Treasurer so I could offer my diverse skills.  On February 5th I was elected to the position as the new Treasurer for the Frankford Alumni.  Shortly after that (at the same meeting) I had learned that the past Treasurer’s family found a note from the past Treasurer indicating that they had borrowed funds; approx $21,000.  The family stated they would pay them back in a letter that was attached to a copy of the Treasurer’s note.  The board told me they had NO idea that unauthorized funds were being taken from the Alumni.  After that meeting the Vice President and I went to the Treasurer’s house to pickup the Alumni records.  I explained that I could do an audit on the alumni books and was told to keep a track of my hours so I could be paid.  When I got home, none of the accounting was computerized except for some quick Excel sheets for various events like Brick Orders, Anniversary Banquet, etc…but nothing to the level of any kind of electronic accounting. 
    With the challenge of auditing the alumni books (which did not really exist other than piles of papers such as bank statements, etc) I went to work establishing the alumni books by posting every record and document I could find and reconciling every statement using a software program called Quickbooks.  After many hours (some not documented) I was able to perform a forensic audit for most of the accounts/funds and determined that over the past five(5) years the past Treasurer had taken funds from the Alumni that totaled over $100,000.  The first transaction occurred only three(3) month after they were elected to the post; that was shocking.  The good news that I found was that some of the $100,000+ funds were paid back.  However, areas like merchandise sales or anything that dealt with the handling of cash (Banquet, Open House, etc) was very poorly documented if at all.  Also, I did not spend time on auditing the Investment Principal as that would have taking many more hours and felt could be preformed at a near future date.  The lose to principal as reported by the company managing the funds showed loses in 2008 of approx $130,000.  Understandable the market did take a big hit but that is even more of a reason to audit the principal to validate the losses of each and every asset in the portfolio for every years. 
    Throughout the month of February I reported all of my finding to the Alumni Board; I was shocked to what I was finding.  Then at the March 9th Board meeting (with the President on speaker phone) I was told that I had to resign to be paid for the audit and then would be reinstated even though I was originally told I would be paid while Treasurer for doing the audit work; since it was outside the scope of the Treasurer’s position that I was elected to.  I was also told (as well as the new Financial Secretary) at the same meeting by the VP that we/I had to promise to not tell anyone about the unauthorized use of the Alumni funds.   On the way home, I got very upset and resigned that night (actually the next morning at 1am).  I explained that I would not honor the request to stay quiet about the past Treasurer; since my morals went against what I was being asked/told to do.  At one point I was not going to charge the alumni for my audit work but as I explained what I had done to others and searched in myself realized that I did a great job and spent many hours at finding all that I found and that I was entitled to be paid; especially since the VP told me to keep track of my hours so I could be paid. 
    So April 6th 2011 I submitted my audit invoice and stated I would be interested in being re-instated as Treasurer as long as no one tells me that I must not say anything about the missing funds.  Then on April 28th I received an email from the VP (replying to my email regarding a delay in payment from April 26th) explaining that the decision that was made in March was being changed as well as that another nomination for Treasurer has been made.  That email from the VP (representing the board) confirmed a belief that I had that the board just wanted me to resign and the rest was just hot air.  I was uncovering way too much and since they did not like that I would not keep the unauthorized funds issue quiet just wanted me gone; and understandable so since it was the President’s and VP’s job to make sure the Treasurer was doing their duty.  The president was more concerned that he would be sued than anything else.
    To date the Treasurer’s family has not paid or made any arrangements to repay the missing unauthorized funds taking from the Frankford Alumni and also felt the audit invoice should be reimbursed to the alumni by them as well.  I had suggested filing charges with the DA so an Orphans’ Courts claim once file (which should have been file by now) would take top priority.
    I feel every Frankford student and alumnus deserves the level of service I was providing and to voice concerns to all without reservation since as the Treasurer I was serving them and my fellow classmates; not a board that wishes to keep the use of unauthorized funds quiet.  To me that is just as bad.  I feel the truth will set you free and honestly is the best policy and in the long run will make our Alumni that much stronger knowing that the integrity of the Frankford Alumni Board is solid.
    Daniel Smith
    Class of 1975
    PS.  I do wish to be the Treasurer of the Alumni and feel the current Recording and Financial Secretaries are doing great jobs.
    I was told by one of the board that, “As far as disclosing” Treasurer’s “inappropriateness, that is a personal decision”

    =======end of April 2011 report=====

    I wonder if a few subpoena’s would get the living to start talking?

    But Hey -!!!!

    Political Assassin

  19. To PA:
    Wow, when you dig you really dig. Keep it coming. It’s about time that people find out what some of these so called “non-profits” are all about. It’s all about GREED and POWER.

    It’s also interesting, I feel, that the power behind the FCDC is a staunch Republican and yet makes her living off the Government. Is that what the Buddhist would call a paradox?

  20. Wow, PA. If you know all of this, why aren’t you reporting it to the attorney general or some higher authority?

  21. Skeeter states: “are there any non profits in Frankford that do not ride off the backs of the poor?”

    The economically poorer and more transient Frankford becomes the more power these non-profits gain. The power use to be in the hands of the religious leaders like FGM. Now it’s in the hands of those providing social services. And the last thing these people want is for Frankford to become an economically diverse community. So be cautious when any group says they want to improve Frankford. They may just be looking for grant money from the Government to fill their pockets.

    “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

  22. August 18th, 2011 at 2:25 pm
    Skeeter Says: “Wow, PA. If you know all of this, why aren’t you reporting it to the attorney general or some higher authority?”

    I went on the hunt last night and found so much “cross-corruption” & inconsistencies in the 990’s of the Frankford non-profits, I still fell like I want to vomit.

    After I slept on it, I woke up still felling like I want to vomit – I asked myself:

    “If you know all of this, why aren’t you reporting it to the attorney general or some higher authority?”

    Why isn’t The Frankford Alumni Association reporting the missing $100,000?

    Why is no-one looking at the whole barrel of bad apples?

    Now you know it too – why are you not reporting it?

    The silence is so deafening, but are we all blind?

    We are thinking about having a community meeting (by invitation only – not to include any of the non-profits) with residents of the Frankford community who will see the evidence and go to the AG as a group to file the complaints.

    We think a need to meet privately with the Frankford Civic Association – they have a few axes to grind.

    Here is a little riddle:

    When is a Crime not a Crime?

    A crime is not a crime when the victim fails to report the incident – worse yet – when the victim knows the criminals and yet he aids & abets by being a willing victim.

    I am talking about the Frankford Community at large has been the victim.

    But on a smaller scale – through the silence – their is a whisper on the street – people hear it through the silence are speaking to each other.

    The whisper (and many community residents already know this) that a certain leader of the Northwood community was car-jacked by some “black men.”

    One of the attackers (according to the whisper) ended up on the victim’s car hood or through the windshield.

    The victim was hospitalized with a broken jaw so bad it needed surgery & a steel plate, but yet – there is no crime, because no crime was reported.

    Because there was no crime, this man’s broken jaw must have been predestination or Karma. He is a victim of his own making.

    Political Assassin

  23. Well like they say no good deed goes unpunished.

  24. PA writes “We are thinking about having a community meeting “…….count me in.

  25. Skeeter states: “are there any non profits in Frankford that do not ride off the backs of the poor?”

    Lorraine states ” So be cautious when any group says they want to improve Frankford. They may just be looking for grant money from the Government to fill their pockets.

    What about the Historical Society? They had gotten government grants and fixed the outside of their building . At least they are trying to improve their building . The same for Frankford Friends.

  26. Who were Tobin’s other Best – Best Friends during his tenure at the Y who were always by his side – aside from the Frankford Alumni Association?

    Well it was Stephen Culbertson of the FCDC and David Losinno of SPIN.

    But how far back does it go?

    “I became involved in the quest to save the Frankford YWCA facility locked into bankruptcy. Then in 1994 as President of the newly formed New Frankford Community Y purchased the facility for cash and opened the doors to the residents of Frankford. … I am currently president of the Frankford Community Development Corporation.” – What is my Name?

    But it must have taken some help.
    The Northeast Times . . . May 14, 2003 Edition “With a chief of staff Walt DeTreux, legislative aide Hugh Allen, zoning czar Joe Zaleski, attorney Pat Dugan and others. He’s able to work with strong-willed Democratic ward leaders like Carlos Matos in West Kensington and John Sabatina in Rhawnhurst.”

    The Northeast Times Fri, Jul. 15, 2005 … “Walter DeTreux, who is both Mariano’s chief of staff and president of the Frankford CDC.”

    Like a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection that is highly resistant, the deep rooted systemic infection of Greed achieved through Politics & Social Engineering in Frankford has gone viral. The Greed & Power has surfaced as a cross-contamination in Mayfair:

    In the first half of 2011, NEast Philly led an investigative look into the corruption charges against former State Rep. John Perzel.

    How is Perzel connected to Frankford?

    Here may be a clue: Campaign for Register of Wills, see who is the HOST COMMITTEE

    Here is a question staring everyone in the face with no-one is rushing to answer it.

    With all the cross-contamination of corrupt politicians and their association with various non-profits, coupled with the bankruptcies & missing money here in Frankford:

    Where is Maria Sanchez? Why is she not pounding the table for an investigation?

    Where is Tony Payton, jr. ? Why is he not demanding an investigation?

    They have until this time next week to begin the investigation or they will be considered as suspects in and part of any investigation that may be forthcoming.

    Political Assassin

  27. To Pandora:
    Thanks for reminding us of the two really great non-profits we have in our area; The Frankford Historical Society and Frankford Friends School. I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who support the Historical Society, through dues and lecture attendence, live outside of Frankford. And I know many of the kids who attend Frankford Friends live outside of Frankford. These non-profits are not social service organizations nor are they applying for grants from the Government to improve Frankford. And if Frankford continues on this downward spiral we may lose wonderful organizations like The Frankford Historical Society and Frankford Friends School.

    To PA:
    Keep up your investigating reporting. And I hope we can all meet at a Frankford Civic meeting to discuss these issues. But please, let’s not have the storm-troopers from NWCA and Juniata Civic at that meeting.

  28. @ Political ASS assin — “there is no crime, because no crime was reported.” —-this crime was reported. Get your facts straight before you go blabbing rumors. If you want the facts ask someone who knows them instead of making yourself sound like a gloating, jealous, loudmouth.

  29. Hey Big Mouth PA. I might be the guy who your talking about getting car- jacked , but let me tell you this tell you this I didn’t go down easy mater of fact I did’nt go down.I can also say I made a full report with the police ,before I went to the hospitel . To guys like me this is a walk in the park.Let me say this it’s no fault of mine that poeple in this city think they can just pull poeple out of thier car and work them over for what they have.I can say this better me then some old lady ,those punches would have killed her.I’m on a fast recovery ,when I get these wires out ,I’m gonna get a big cheese steak .But you PA should watch what you say because getting jaws wired is no fun . Leave me recover in peace . Thank you Barry….

  30. I remember when Michael Milken was prosecuted by Rudy Giuliani; the headlines put both of them at each others throats. They were arch enemies according to the press; and it seemed Giuliani liked it that way as he went after Milken with a vengeance. Years later Michael Milken would be stricken with, and beat cancer. After his release from federal prison (2years) and $600million in fines and restitution he would learn that his former foe, Rudy Giuliani, had been stricken with cancer. Being a real man Milken picked up the phone, called Giuliani, and wished him the best. He offered Giuliani any help he could give, “Anything you need you can call me.” A real man steps up and offers his hand to any acquaintance in their time of need; whether it be a former prosecutor, a high school bully, or even a guy from the neighborhood that you disagree with.

    It’s people that have the character of Michael Milken that make neighborhoods and neighborhood groups successful, because they are able to put their own ego and ill wills aside and realize that we are all working toward the same goals and should all benefit equally. Making light of someones misfortune, while hiding behind a screen name, is a grand display of the sheer ignorance that plagues ones lonely mind.

  31. NW Thank you. This is not the first timemy jaw’s bin wired The last time I stuck it out and got hit this time I got hitfrom behind ,Plus 4 guys I don’t mind PA for running his mouth about it but Karma has nothing to do with it ,it’s all about where we live .I just pray I’t don’t happen to someone else. Another thing PA should use his name instead of doing all his talking behind a screne name ,at least I respect poeple like Lorriiane we don’t agree ,but thats ok I still respect her. PA IT”S TIME TO MAN UP OR SHUT UP.. Barry

  32. @Lorraine, I will state again Bishop Kenneth Delany does not run 12 steps ahead. He was previously associated with them when they started out over a decade ago. Regardless of what PA thinks he knows. “He is not running a highly profitable recovery house.” Bishop Delany is an elderly man who has devoted his life to helping the poor and forgotten people of Philadelphia to turn their lives around through prayer and hard work. Marie Delany started a transitional living facility to help mothers learn to parent their children and become productive members of society, Niether of these people have done anything to cause any problems related to recovery or anything else in the community. They have both worked very hard to improve the community. Anyone who would suggest other wise just doesn’t know what they ae talking about. The fact that PA googled a link with outdated information from the 90’s means nothing. Some of those agencies don’t even exsist any more. However, being involved with a properly run recovery, mental health, mental retardadtion or disabled children’s facility doesn’t mean they are part of some kind of conspiracy to keep Frankford down. It is the unlicensed facilities that pop up to scam people out of money and provide no treatment for their residents that are causing all the problems. Saying Net and Overington House fit in that catagory is just not correct. If you were to do your own research into those facilities you would understand theyt are very different. By your logic Aria Hospital shoudn’t be here either because they are a service provider? What about medical offices? Dentists? Spin? AA?Where do you draw the line?

  33. Barry Says: “This is not the first timemy jaw’s bin wired”

    You might be the guy the people in the neighborhood are talking about – Glad to hear you can take a punch and are feeling better.

    BTW did you, or did you not, institute an Orphans’ Court proceeding against the Frankford Y and Terry Toben? I thought I read someplace you were demanding an accounting.

    What’s up with that?

    Also are you planning on intervening into the missing $100,000 from the Frankford Alumni Association?

    Political Assassin

  34. Barry:
    Sorry to hear about that violent assualt inflicted on you by some thugs. Hope your getting better.

    The only disagreement I ever had with you was over The Bridge. But that’s an argument for another time.

    I’m sure you’ve been reading the blogs regarding NET and the Frankford CDC. You’ve hinted many times as to who is responsible for NET coming to Frankford. Why don’t you open up and let some ghosts out of the closet.

  35. First of all toPA you know who I am And the only reason I responded to your stupid blog is to correct the point that you said I did not file a police report about what hapend when my jaw got broke . As far as the Frankford Y goes Thats something that will come up in orphans court if any one try’s to buy the property . You should justkeep doing your thing ,But sooner or later your gonna have to put up or shut up. As for Frankford Alumni I don’t give a Da.. If they let thier tresuertake thier moneythat’s on them ,LET THE MEMBERS DO SOMETHING..Loraine as for the net being on these boards you have to ask the poeple from Frankford, not me . Barry

  36. Lyndad stated: “By your logic Aria Hospital shoudn’t be here either because they are a service provider? What about medical offices? Dentists? Spin? AA?Where do you draw the line?”

    I draw the line at facilities that have ex-cons and methadone addicts hanging outside on our main business avenue. Sometimes the area in front of NET becomes so crowded that their “customers” cross the street and hang out in front of the library.

    In addition to NET there is another recovery facility down where the old WIC office use to be. Do you know who runs that facility?

    I’m sure you are aware of the outrage over the methadone clinic trying to move into Holmesburg. If by some chance that methadone clinic does move into Holmesburg do you honestly think the Holmesburg/Mayfair CDC would invite the President of the clinic to be on their Board of Directors?

    I really don’t care if these recovery facilities are licensed or not licensed. They are a blight on our community especially when they are on Frankford Avenue. And any CDC that would have them on their Board is not a CDC that is working toward improving the community.

    To me the present FCDC resembles the CDC from 10 or 15 years ago. The present FCDC wants to acquire Government funding under the guise of improving the community and, I believe, there will not be any real community improvements and the Government funds will go into the pockets of some members of the CDC. As I stated before if Frankford were to make some significant changes facilities like NET and probably even the Overington House would disappear. Do you really think Ms. DeLany and Mr McSherry would let that happen?

  37. Lyndad:

    I don’t know how long you have been a Frankford resident. I remember Frankford in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Before the area began to go down hill. I have seen Frankford go from a thriving retail community with economic diversity to an economically poor community that provides services for social misfits. I became involved with the Frankford Plan with hopes of seeing some real change. But when things began to change in Frankford some folks began to fear their power in the community would fade. The Rev. Hynicka from FGM stated “we don’t want Frankford to become another Main Street like in Manayunk. The truth be told Rev. Hynicka didn’t want to lose the funding that was coming into FGM. The corruption and greed was wide spread. And I’m not so easily fooled now by people who say they want to improve Frankford through Government grants.

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