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Frankford Native Selected as Neighborhood Advisory Committee Staff Person

The Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) is a non-profit organization provided by Impact Services and funded by the Office of Housing and Community Development.  We are committed to working on behalf of the Frankford community and act as mediators for all community matters; such as new housing needs, home preservation, mortgage foreclosure prevention, reduction of neighborhood blight, youth mentoring and community outreach programs.

The NAC is housed out of Carson Valley’s Frankford Neighborhood Center at 4451 Frankford Avenue.  Our office hours are 8:30 – 5:00PM, Monday through Friday.

From the Frankford NAC Update:

Charlene Lewis-Walker, also known as Char, is a life-long Frankford native, and was chosen to work alongside director Kimberly Washington as the leaders of the Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC).

The Frankford NAC is unique from most NAC’s in the city in that it is comprised of a partnership of organizations that have come together to ensure effectiveness in it’s outreach. IMPACT Services, a community development organization with over 40 years experience is the provider agency for the Frankford NAC. IMPACT has partnered with CORA

Services and Carson Valley Children’s AID , Another very important partner in the Frankford NAC is American Paradigm Schools. Together, these organizations bring a variety of services from housing to park clean ups. Their common goal is to provide and ensure the well being of the people in the community.

Charlene is a graduate of Frankford High School and a long time member of Second Baptist Church. After high school, she ventured to Pittsburgh to earn her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pittsburgh. After interviewing several highly qualified applicants for the position, the panel decided to hire Charlene because of her enthusiasm and experience volunteering with the elderly and youth ministry at Second Baptist.

As the NAC Staff person, Charlene is “committed to working on behalf of the Frankford community, in making sure they have access to affordable housing resources.” Her job entails “doing door to door outreach to residents who are facing foreclosure, working to reduce neighborhood blight, vacant properties issues and organizing block captains.” In addition she also plans community events, and refers homeowners to city services.

You can read the rest of the update at this link.

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Neighborhood Advisory Committee

The Frankford CDC will be submitting a proposal to the City for the Neighborhood Advisory Committee Program (NAC). Under the NAC Program, Neighborhood-Based Non-Profit Corporations shall provide residents the opportunity to give input on housing, community, commercial and economic development programs as well as related citizen participation, public information and neighborhood planning activities. This includes, but is not limited, to the following:
  • Promoting sustainability through recycling, cleaning, planting and alternative energy efforts.
  • Creating employment opportunities through job placement and training, retail revitalization, and educational assistance efforts.
  • Enhancing neighborhood safety through town watches, youth mentoring and community outreach programs.
  • Providing quality and affordable residences through new housing, preservation of existing housing and mortgage foreclosure prevention programs.

I have heard the view expressed in the past that the public does not really know what is going on with the CDC.  Volunteering for a position on the Neighborhood Advisory Committee will give you an opportunity have a direct voice in what direction the CDC takes.  We are at an interesting and critical time in the history of Frankford.  We grew in population over the last 10 years.

The  “committee” will be set up and meet at least four times a year and will advise the NAC Coordinator and the Frankford CDC on neighborhood initiatives.  The Committee will appoint members to serve on the Frankford CDC Board of Directors and the FCDC Board shall be represented on the NAC.  The NAC Coordinator will also be responsible for communicating resources and services that are available to residents (e.g. mortgage counseling, etc).

You can read all the details about the NAC on the CDC’s bog here.