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Friends of Overington Park Needs Your Help

We try to cover the activities at our parks because they can significantly improve the quality of life in the neighborhood.  I’ve seen Overington park change over the last several years and it is entirely the work of the Friends of Overington park (FOOP).  I will not name the names but it is a small core group of people who have done this work.  The city stands by and waits for a group like this to come along and then they offer some assistance but if it were not for the Friends of Overington park, that park would be a blight on the community.  Yes it does still have some problems but they would be far worse without the FOOP watching over it.

There has been a plan in place for the Department of Recreation to build a tool shed for the tools and supplies the group uses for maintenance.  It would be on a concrete foundation and have a brick exterior.  It would be secured naturally and make it a lot easier to maintain the park.  A few residents of homes in the area have raised objections to its construction.  Now the Department of Recreation wants to take another look at the issue.

We would never stand in the way of people making their opinion known but we want to make sure everybody gets a fair chance to do so.  We have set up an online petition to approve the construction of the tool shed and move ahead with the project.  It is directed at Barbara McCabe, the Parks Coordinator, for the City.  In addition, it also goes to councilwoman Sanchez office.

If you support what the Friends of Overington park has done over the years to make the neighborhood better, follow this link and sign the petition.


3 thoughts on “Friends of Overington Park Needs Your Help

  1. Awe man, we’ve taken sides. Now the residents of Pilling Street think we’re in the bag for the Friends of Overington Park.

  2. Wow this thing is getting blown out of control! First of all they all ready poured the stone foundation so us Pilling Street residents don’t have a say but I’ll play the game. Without a doubt we need a shed but why so close to Pilling Street ? I got a reply that they don’t want to lug a hose an extra 20 yards! I just think we should have been asked for our opinion but on the other hand I can see the group’s point because no one on Pilling Street ever helps out or thanks them for their hard work. I clean the park on a regular basis and keep Pilling Street clean. I wrote several times on the Gazette that the park never looked better and let me be the first to say thank you. I will personally thank the members of the group. I’m a member of St. Joachim Church council with (Foop) member Maryanne Seifort, I have several properties in Frankford so I’m very much involved in the community. I’m very interested in the history of Frankford and collect old pic’s of the Overington’s, so why wouldn’t I want my park to look nice? maybe this will light a fire under us Pilling street residents to get involved. Next time we will be asked for our opinion but only if we get involved. Joseph Garvey

  3. Thanks Joseph, for your words of wisdom. A voice of reason is always welcome. Community consensus would have been a good thing up front but that did not happen. Any recommendation of how things like this should be publicized in the future?

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