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Northeast EPIC Stakeholders Meeting

The EPIC Stakeholders met on Thursday, July 25th at 2nd Baptist, with a dinner provided by the 2nd Baptist culinary crew.  It was a fast paced meeting with an interesting group of speakers.  Some highlights:

  • Introductions by Charlene Lewis, new EPKIC coordinator of the Work Ready interns and Jr. Stakeholders.
  • Report on the EPIC Elites
  • NAC report by Simone Smith on the upcoming meeting on August 8th.  Zoning issues will be discussed including 3959 Frankford Ave., 1167 Bridge St. and 1950 Bridge St.
  • Presentation by School District Parent Involvement
  • Presentation by Family Community Support Center
  • Presentation by Primerica Financial Services
  • Manny Citron fro PhillyRising also updated the group on the Career Bootcamp now in progress weekly at St. Marks.  He also made the group aware that the Philadelphia Fire Department is now hiring.  The application deadline ends on Aug. 23.  The annual starting salary ranges from $40,036 to $55,603. For more information, call 215-685-3748 (3749) or email  Manny pointed out that misdemeanor criminal history is not an impediment to hiring and even those with felony charges on record may apply for consideration.

The next EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be held on Thursday August 29th at 530PM at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.