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Manny Citron at Frankford Civic

manny citron

Sanya and Manny at Overington Park

Philly Rising’s Manny Citron introduced his replacement at the Frankford Civic Association meeting on December 5th.  Sanya Brown, graduate of Temple University, has assumed Manny’s coordinator duties at PhillyRising. Manny is moving on to another position in the Philadelphia Managing Director’s office.

Manny has been a constant presence in Frankford at every event over the last two years.  He is a roll up your sleeves and get dirty, kind of guy that you need in PhillyRising and he leaves Frankford a better place.  We look forward to working with Sanya.

Other news at the meeting:

  • Several nuisance bars have been closed on the East side of Torresdale Avenue in the last two months much to the relieve of local residents.
  • Turning Points for Children is opening a local office at 4329 Griscom Street.  The entrance will be on the side where Family Dollar is on Frankford Avenue.  They are the DHS Community Umbrella Agency for the 15th police district.
  • The club at 4721 Oxford Avenue has been closed by L&I.  That is what the white sign with the red strips means on the door.
  • There is some hope that two buildings 4728, 32-34 Griscom, long vacant, may be turned to good use.  There are some legal hurdles that have to be overcome but it could happen and that will transform that intersection.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on January 9th, 2014.  This is one week later than usual due to the New Years holiday.



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Northeast EPIC Stakeholders Meeting

The EPIC Stakeholders met on Thursday, July 25th at 2nd Baptist, with a dinner provided by the 2nd Baptist culinary crew.  It was a fast paced meeting with an interesting group of speakers.  Some highlights:

  • Introductions by Charlene Lewis, new EPKIC coordinator of the Work Ready interns and Jr. Stakeholders.
  • Report on the EPIC Elites
  • NAC report by Simone Smith on the upcoming meeting on August 8th.  Zoning issues will be discussed including 3959 Frankford Ave., 1167 Bridge St. and 1950 Bridge St.
  • Presentation by School District Parent Involvement
  • Presentation by Family Community Support Center
  • Presentation by Primerica Financial Services
  • Manny Citron fro PhillyRising also updated the group on the Career Bootcamp now in progress weekly at St. Marks.  He also made the group aware that the Philadelphia Fire Department is now hiring.  The application deadline ends on Aug. 23.  The annual starting salary ranges from $40,036 to $55,603. For more information, call 215-685-3748 (3749) or email  Manny pointed out that misdemeanor criminal history is not an impediment to hiring and even those with felony charges on record may apply for consideration.

The next EPIC Stakeholders meeting will be held on Thursday August 29th at 530PM at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.


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PhillyRising Frankford Quarterly Meeting

PhillyRising is hosting its  first quarterly meeting of 2013 at Aria Hospital Wednesday. Below is a flyer with all the details. Please feel free to share this with your contacts; I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Manny Citron
Assistant Managing Director
City of Philadelphia
Twitter @PhillyRisingMDO
February 2013 Frankford Quarterly Meeting web
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Philly311 Mobile App Works



Manny Citron from PhillyRising never misses an opportunity to tout the mobile app for Philly311 whenever he is at a meeting in Frankford.  So I was almost happy when the opportunity presented itself a couple of weeks ago to test it out.  I noticed that a contractor, working on a house on our street, had left a pile of debris at the curb for pickup.  I’m not sure what made him think the city was going to pick it up but that is another story

Thursday, after the streets department had correctly ignored it, I went over and used the iphone to report it on the newly installed Philly311 app.  You can report it with a picture and it will even suggest your current location for you.  It was a few houses off the address so I entered it manually.

I made the report on January 30th.  I got a notice that afternoon that the request had been forwarded to the Streets Department.  The next morning came a notice that the request had been dispatched to a work crew.  I noticed that the mess had been cleaned up on the afternoon of February 1st.   It may have done late on the 31st.

I don’t know if it works this well with every request but it sure worked for this one.  The request still has not been closed out on the Philly311 system but I know from past experience that they seem to lag behind on that end.



Also, we don’t know if any action was taken to collect from the property owner for the cost of that work crew.  Contractors who work in the city should know that they have to remove construction debris.  It will not be picked up by the Streets department.

Thanks to Matt Ainslee for the tip a few months ago.  He has been using the system through another app called Public Stuff. The PublicStuff app hooks you up directly with Philly311 so there is no difference there but their web page is better then Philly311 for lookup after you have submitted the request.

You can get both apps at the App store for your mobile device.  Its available for Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

Bottom line: this is a win for residents who want to use 311 on the go.