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Frankford PhillyRising Meeting

I wanted to let all of you know that moving forward, we will no longer have our meetings at the library, as we will be teaming up with the EPIC Stakeholders group that meets on the last Thursday of the month, every month (unless otherwise noted) at 5:30pm at Second Baptist Church, 1801 Meadow Street.

There are light refreshments that are served and the meetings are always extraordinarily informative so I am very much looking forward to this collaboration and to seeing everyone there. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need anything additional.

Sanya L. Brown
Assistant Managing DirectorPhillyRising Collaborative
City of PhiladelphiaOffice of the Managing Director
Municipal Services Building
1401 JFK Boulevard, Suite 1430
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102-1683
Office: 215.686.8413
Cell: 215.605.0853
Email: Sanya.Brown@Phila.Gov


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PhillyRising February Update

At the Frankford PhillyRising monthly meeting on February 10th, Sanya Brown updated residents on issues raised at the inaugural meeting in January.

  • The issue of the need for a health facility in Frankford was raised last month.  Jason Dawkins suggested that Aria Hospital offered the use of its facilities to the public.  Sanya investigated and found that the Aria Health Wellness Center is open to the public.   This is for exercise, using equipment at the facility in the ground floor of garage building on Frankford Avenue.  The cost is $29 per month and does not require a contract.  It is payable monthly by cash or credit card.  For more information open this pdf.
  • A resident discussed drug problems at a laundromat near Harrison and Tackawanna Streets.  Sanya noted that the information was passed on the the police at the last PSA meeting.
  • The issue of revitalizing the business corridor was discussed and the result is a new Litter Reduction Campaign which will launch in the Spring.  It will be aimed at business owners on the Frankford Avenue business corridor.
  • A career Boot Camp for youth is being planned for possible scheduling in May.

A citizens Engagement Academy is being held in Lawncrest.  We had one in Frankford last year which those attending thought was very worthwhile.  Anyone interested in attending this course should read this attached pdf for further information.

The next Frankford PhillyRising meeting will be held on March 10th at 5:30 PM at the Frankford Branch of the Free Library.

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First Frankford PhillyRising Monthly Meeting

sanya brown

Sanya Brown, PhillyRising Frankford Coordinator

The first Frankford PhillyRising monthly meeting was held at the Frankford Library on Monday, January 13th with about 20 community members participating.  Sanya Brown, PhillyRising coordinator for Franford, conducted the meeting.  The purpose was to gather community input as to what direction they would like to see PhillyRising move.

  • More businesses and a few less day care centers on the Avenue is something that everyone agrees is desirable.  Recognizing the need for child care, residents would prefer to see more commercial stores.
  • Jobs for youth
  • After school programs for the younger children
  • A health and fitness center
  • A grant writing class for the community to fund its own programs
  • A space for community events

There will be followup at subsequent meetings to see how those objectives can be accomplished.

Also on the agenda was a presentation by Daniel Ramos of 311.  There will be a Neighborhood Liaison training session at the library on Saturday for those registering ahead of time.  Contact Sanya at

Betsy Baxter, the library branch manager, spoke about the availability of the library meeting room for community events.  You can stop in to see her any time for more information.  She is also in need of volunteers who are computer literate to help out.  Many people come into the library to use the computers who need some help getting started.  Peak days are Monday and Wednesday but help is appreciated at any time.  If you would like to volunteer call Betsy at 215-685-1474.

The PhillyRising will now be scheduled for the second Monday each month at 5:30 PM at the Frankford Branch of the Free Library.  The next meeting is on February 10th.


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Manny Citron at Frankford Civic

manny citron

Sanya and Manny at Overington Park

Philly Rising’s Manny Citron introduced his replacement at the Frankford Civic Association meeting on December 5th.  Sanya Brown, graduate of Temple University, has assumed Manny’s coordinator duties at PhillyRising. Manny is moving on to another position in the Philadelphia Managing Director’s office.

Manny has been a constant presence in Frankford at every event over the last two years.  He is a roll up your sleeves and get dirty, kind of guy that you need in PhillyRising and he leaves Frankford a better place.  We look forward to working with Sanya.

Other news at the meeting:

  • Several nuisance bars have been closed on the East side of Torresdale Avenue in the last two months much to the relieve of local residents.
  • Turning Points for Children is opening a local office at 4329 Griscom Street.  The entrance will be on the side where Family Dollar is on Frankford Avenue.  They are the DHS Community Umbrella Agency for the 15th police district.
  • The club at 4721 Oxford Avenue has been closed by L&I.  That is what the white sign with the red strips means on the door.
  • There is some hope that two buildings 4728, 32-34 Griscom, long vacant, may be turned to good use.  There are some legal hurdles that have to be overcome but it could happen and that will transform that intersection.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on January 9th, 2014.  This is one week later than usual due to the New Years holiday.