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Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery Update

It has been some time since we visited Greenwood cemetery over on Adams Avenue.  It is now the Knights of Pythias Greenwood Cemetery.  Going by there, it certainly looks a lot better than it has in years. You may remember that the cemetery had fallen into decay and was rescued by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America who needed the land at the back of the cemetery for expansion.  That necessitated the removal of many burials and their re-interment.

I was curious about the area up front where the burials that were moved were re-interred, so we stopped by for some pictures.  There are about 2,670 names listed on the 8 granite stones with a notation at the end “Unknowns”.   Those people are buried on a large plot next to the area where the stone markers stand now.  Adjacent are the headstones from the original graves that are now lined up in several rows.

Click on any of the pictures below for a larger view.  You can read the names listed on the stones in most cases.

I didn’t have time to take a look back along the rear of the property.  On my last visit there, it was still a small jungle with many graves mixed in among the trees.