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Letter to the Editor From a Frankford Resident

Solar Industry Offers a Bright Future

The rapid increase in solar energy infrastructure over the last several years suggests a bright future for the industry. In 2016, solar energy production in the U.S. expected to grow another 116%, breaking the 2015 record for solar implementation of 7.3 gigawatts. This development provides many opportunities from which individual citizens and businesses can benefit.

Home and business owners looking to make financially and environmentally sound investments should consider the many options to get solar panels installed on their property. The 30% federal investment tax credit for residential and commercial property helps reduce the cost of panel installation and many Pennsylvanians’ utility costs are reduced after they go solar.

Investors seeking the next profitable purchase would be wise to look into a range of energy companies that are shifting their resources to solar energy.

Recent high school and college graduates searching for promising employment and increasingly valuable skills should know that solar energy jobs opportunities are rising as well.

Pennsylvania is one of the nation’s largest solar jobs employers with 493 businesses employing 2,500 workers in the field. The expansion of solar energy provides numerous proven environmental and economic benefits and solutions and now is prime time for both businesses and individuals to seize these opportunities.

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Patrick Houston
Frankford Resident

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