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Frankford Creek Greenway

James Donaghy, of the Philadelphia Managing Director’s Office, read a mayoral proclamation stating that June 15, 2007, was Frankford Creek Greenway Day and that the Frankford Creek Greenway Master Plan is officially under way.

Read the rest of the story in the Northeast Times

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Northwood Civic Association Meeting

I attended the meeting of the Northwood Civic Association tonight as an interested observer. The tension in the room was the result of a dispute between the majority of the board of directors and the president Joseph Menkevich. The board had proposed an agenda for the meeting proposing 2 amendments to the bylaws of the association with the hope of the membership voting on them this evening.

The bylaws were intended to

  • reduce the length of time necessary to approve the disbursement of funds from the legal fund used to oppose zoning variances
  • Create an impeachment process for the removal of a member of the board of directors

Given the tension between the board and Mr. Menkevich, it was clear he was the target.

The publicity about the meeting resulted in many non members such as myself attending. However the required quorum of members were also present to vote for the change had it come to a vote.

Discussion of the proposal was heated at times and in the end it was decided to delay a vote until a special meeting to be held on July 10th. Several members expressed dismay at the handling of the situation by the board.

The discussion between the board and Mr. Menkevich made it clear that there are more problems here than just this one issue. At it’s heart may be the question of the mission of the association and how that might be best accomplished.

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The Art Holiday

Well it may be too good to be true but the last few days when I passed by the Art Holiday, at Kensington and Frankford, it was not open. I could never imagine how it survived in this day of VCRs and DVDs but roll along it did. I may be the last person in Frankford to have noticed but let’s all say good riddance. Now what can be done with that choice piece of real estate.
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Bromley House

I’ve been building a collection of links to the most important intuitions in Frankford. One of them is the New Frankford Community Y. As I scanned their web page I noticed in the history section a picture that looked familiar. I looked in my box of old post cards and there it was and now here it is.
If you use your imagination you can picture the pool entrance to the left of the building. The side entrance to the house had to be removed when the pool and gym were constructed. The setting of the house is of course very different. You can read about the history of the house on the Y web site.