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Captain McCloskey at the Frankford Civic

Captain John McCloskey, commander of the 15th police district, spent almost the entire hour of the Frankford Civic association taking questions and giving frank answers.  The Town Hall meeting back on September 19th appears to have activated a lot of people.  There were 38 attending the meeting on Thursday, October 3rd which included many new

  • He apologized for the fact that there were no police at the recent PSA meeting.
  • Slow police response time for 911 calls is a reality which McCloskey says is the result of needing more cops.  7 new officers are due from the next graduating class which will help.  Lower priority goes to quality of life issues so sometimes you are going to wait quite a while before you see an officer.
  • Foot patrols have been cut back due to the lack of manpower.
  • Worth Street between Margaret and Orthodox is a hot spot that is on his list.  Drug activity is ongoing with many out of state cars coming to do business.
  • There has been some improvement on the 4700 block of Griscom due to recent arrests.
  • If you feel you have not bee treated properly by one of his officers, you should contact him directly.  He wants to know.

Some residents who met at the town hall and psa meetings are organizing together on common issues and to support the police.  The group may lobby for more police in the 15th, ask for more video cameras at crime locations, go to SEPTA and the city for better lighting under the el, find out why SEPTA police do not do more patrolling of the area around the el stops, have L&I inspectors go out on weekend inspections with the police of problem bars, etc.

Captain McCloskey says the best thing you can do to help the police is to supply information.  You identity will remain anonymous.  You can call the district at 215-686-3150.  Ask for Captain McCloskey.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be on November 7th at 7PM at Aria Hospital.



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Record Turnout at PSA1 Residents Organize for Action

Record numbers turned out on Thursday night, September 26th for the PSA1 meeting.  Unfortunately the police representatives were busy with a crime event elsewhere so Pete Specos had to conduct the meeting on their behalf.  Attendance was unusually high as a result of the Town Hall meeting on September 19th, on the subject of drug recovery/boarding houses in Frankford where people were told about the PSA meetings.  Many Frankford residents are still unaware that you can meet with the police directly once a month to talk about your specific problems.

Residents from Worth, Ditman, Kinsey, Griscom and Penn Streets actively discussed the problems that beset their areas and resolved to work together to demand solutions.  The end result was to organize neighbors to attend the Frankford Civic Association meeting on October 3rd as a show of solidarity.

If you want to make progress on these issues in your area, you are urged to attend the Frankford Civic Association meeting at 7PM at Aria Hospital on October 3rd.

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Zoning Issues Absent at Frankford Civic

There were no zoning issues on the agenda at the Frankford Civic Association meeting on September 5th but the time was well spent in a question and answer period with State Representatives Brendan Boyle and James (Scoot) Clay.

Boyle is also a candidate for the democratic nomination for 13th Congressional district which is being vacated by Allyson Schwartz.  He spoke at length about his background and how he got to where he is at this point. What is driving him to seek a congressional seat after being in the state house for six years.  The highlight of his talk was the focus on economic opportunity for all as opposed to a system that favors one segment of our society to the exclusion of all others.

Clay talked up the upcoming Town Hall meeting on the recovery house issue in Frankford.  It is scheduled for September 19th at 6PM at Aria Hospital.  All interested neighbors are urged to attend.

The next Frankford Civic Association meeting will be held on Thursday, October 3rd at Aria Hospital.




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Northwood Civic Association Meeting Update

The Northwood Civic Association met on Tuesday July 16th with about 15 people attending.  There were no active zoning cases to discuss but the Board has taken action on an old issue concerning 5260 Castor Avenue.  The owner applied for a variance for a beauty salon.  The civic had previously voted to oppose that use.  The owner made a presentation at a board meeting which included detailed plans and also signed petitions from local residents and businesses in support of the change.  The Board then voted to send a letter on non opposition since it was clear the zoning board would approve the variance.

In other matters:

  • The owner of the property at Dyre and Leiper is applying for a variance to use the property as a church.  The owners are expected to present details at the next civic meeting.
  • Simpson playground pool did open this year using porta potties and so far there have been no problems.  Attempts to contact the city agency to get a timeline on permanent repairs lead to no answers.  They claim there is no money to fix the problem.
  • The neighborhood Security Patrol has discontinued operation. The civic will explore other options.
  • Bandit signs are back all over Northwood.

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association will be on August 20th at 7PM at St. James Lutheran Church at Castor Ave. and Pratt St.


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Citizens’ Engagement Academy is a Great Success!

CEAEight weeks ago, over 30 Frankford residents began a free course titled “Citizens Engagement Academy”. Always willing to take a leadership role within their city and neighborhood, these citizens responsded enthusiastically to this opportunity. Manny Citron, the Assistant Managing Director for Philadelphia, attended many meetings with various neighborhood civic organizations to explain and register “students”. His efforts resulted in the largest registration and turnout from any neighborhood for this program. We applaud your efforts, Manny, and we thank you for all you and your staff do for our Frankford community. Manny, along with Amanda Finch of PhillyRising Americorps Vista, were present each week to introduce us to our speakers and to help in identifying the particular needs of our Frankford community.

The Citizens’ Engagement Academy aims to improve our understanding of how our city government works and how we can use that knowledge to improve and strengthen our neighborhoods by working together with our city departments. Each week a key representative from the various city departments or agencies came to talk, share the function of their office and answer questions regarding the best way to better access their services.

We first learned about the Neighborhood Liaison Program. Have you ever called 311 or accessed the website at to report a concern or issue? We can all do that now. What makes being a Neighborhood Liaison important is that you are given a special login and can report issues for your neighbors and then track all these issues that have been reported to see what steps are being taken and to assure that they get resolved.

l-r Frankford Engaged Citizens Jennifer Bennet and Veronica Daniel with Alicia Hernandez-Mette, Community Support Specialist/Trainer with Town Watch Integrated Services

l-r Frankford Engaged Citizens Jennifer Bennet and Veronica Daniel with Alicia Hernandez-Mette, Community Support Specialist/Trainer with Town Watch Integrated Services

Town Watch Integrated Services (TWIS) showed us the importance of being alert and watchful on our own neighborhood block. Town Watch is not just about active patrols through the neighborhood but also that concerned neighbors keep an eye out and look out for each other. Everybody working together makes a better and safer block and neighborhood. Alicia Hernandez-Mette is the liaison for our area. You can reach Alicia at 215.685.4518. She is waiting for your call. Very knowledgeable and helpful, Alicia can help you and your neighbors promote safety and crime prevention in your area.

The Public Nuisance Task Force operates out of the District Attorney’s office and this is the place you need to contact regarding drug and alcohol related properties. During the course of this meeting, it was revealed that quite often drugs and other illegal activities are operated out of neighborhood homes. This office has the authority to close and seize those properties if the complaint is well-founded. The 24 hour hotline for this office is 215.686.5858  However, if the nuisance is a bar, you must contact Licenses & Inspections.

Another popular topic was the grant that has allowed the city to provide 6 Financial Empowerment Centers. These are open to anyone wishing to view their credit report and credit score, too. You can meet with a financial counselor to help you plan your budget, manage your bills or debts and repair your credit report and increase your credit score. You can find out more information and make an appointment (services are free) at or by calling 1-855-346-7445. Gary McLaughlin, a financial counselor, with Clarifi, who is managing this project. Gary is a very active local resident who gave us some straight talk about the need to know not just what’s on our credit report but what credit score we have as well since that can be used to determine your credit card interest rates and evev if an employer wants to consider hiring you. Take advantage of this free opportunity! Of course, everything is confidential.

CitizensEngagement2Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee (PMBC) is part of the Streets’ Departments Sanitation Division. Helping citizens to take charge of cleaning and beautifying their neighborhood is their mission. Block captains organize their particular street and PMBC supplies materials and has contests and awards to encourage the beautification of Philadelphia. Willie Brown, our Clean Block Officer, wants to partner with you and your Block Captain to take care of trash that seems to be everywhere. Willie can be reached at 215.686.3991 to see when your area has been scheduled for cleaning or to get on the schedule for next year. If you are a Block Captain, or would like to volunteer, cleaning days for District 15 (the districts are based on police districts), Saturday, 6/29 and Saturday, 8/17. Please get in Citizensgrouptouch with Willie immediately before supplies run out.

Our program concluded with the awarding of diplomas by Mayor Michael Nutter. If this program is ever offered again in our neighborhood, sign up as soon as you hear about it. It is well worth your time and your interest. Frankford needs engaged citizens! Philadelphia has been on the leading edge of believing that you can transform a city one neighborhood at a time.

Thank you to all who are involved in this program! Congratulations to the graduates of the Citizens’ Engagement Academy! We look forward to all that you will do to make Frankford an even better place to be!