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Tour the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club

We took a tour of the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club last week to see what the renovations look like that have going on for the last year.  I get in there at least once a month but never have the time to stop and look around at everything.

Besides all the interior improvements, all the windows have been replaced and that was a huge job.  There was a lot of concrete work done outside.  The gym had no heat and that was resolved.

Inside, the building has been upgraded from top to bottom, including the basement.  The kitchen is not finished yet but the work is in progress.  The new John and Katie Ericksen Family Literacy Center, the Kids Café, STEM Learning Lab and Technology Center at the Club are all shown in the video below.

Its not easy to call anything in an old building like this beautiful but the old metal ceilings up on the second floor have been restored and, yes, they are beautiful.

Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club restored ceiling

Change came to the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls club with the arrival of the new CEOs of the Boys and Girls Cubs of Philadelphia in 2012.  Joseph & Lisabeth Marziello have had a profound impact of the lives of the children in Frankford.

See the short video below to hear Denise Matza and Donald Travers on a tour of the club.


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Simpson News

Lifeguard Classes are registering NOW!  For additional information call 215-683-3663.  

Simpson News

  • Family Bingo Night Thursday, February 1, 2018 from 7-8 p.m.
  • Puzzles, Riddles, & Strategies Club begins Monday, February 5, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.
  • SRCAC meeting February 13, 2018
  • Simpson’s Development League is looking for teams 8u. 10u, and 12u.
  • Simpson will host its 1st Annual Chess tournament for beginners & intermediate on Saturday February 24, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  To signup call Conor at 215-685-1223, space is limited.
  • Simpson is asking all visitors to help us Recycle when you visit make sure you use the recycle bins.
Cynthia Young

Facility Supervisor
Simpson Recreation Center
1010 Arrott Street
Philadelphia, Pa 19124
215-685-1223 Office
215-537-3494 Fax
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Seniors Sought to Volunteer


The Office of Civic Engagement & Volunteer Service (OCEVS) is recruiting low-income seniors, ages 55+ to volunteer as a role model, mentor and tutor to Philadelphia youth in PreK through 2nd grade classrooms through the Foster Grandparent Program.

Participating seniors receive a tax-free stipend of $159 to $424 monthly, paid training, transportation reimbursement plus sick, vacation and personal leave days. Foster Grandparents enrich the lives of children with their knowledge and compassion.

If you are interested in giving back to the community and working with children, please contact the Foster Grandparent Program at 215-686-8413 or 215-685-3798. Visit us a

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Offering Rehabilitation Services That Respects the Individual; Not Just the Law

We attended the press conference concerning one of our area’s needs – tighter regulations and control over the recovery facilities which we know are very plentiful in the Frankford area. The press conference was held at the offices of State Representative Jason Dawkins in the Daral Building, 4667 Paul St., 19124 on Tuesday, December 19.

State Representative Angel Cruz was also there as both Jason and he were instrumental in forming what would become SB 446 which amends the Administrative Code to require the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to license or certify drug and alcohol recovery houses which receive public funding.

Together, with State Representative Aaron Kaufer these “bills” (ideas) became amendments that were added to SB 446 that State Senator Thomas McGarrigle will introduce for Senate hearings.

State Representative Cruz explained that benefits should only be used by facilities who respect those in need of recovery services. Sometimes facilities use single family homes that don’t have enough space for those they claim they want to help. Safe havens is what is needed, says Cruz.

State Representative Dawkins acknowledged that this is an ongoing effort. We first have to define what is a recovery house? Dawkins also made the analogy that homicides by overdose has increased in the last four years and overshadows even the deaths we are seeing due to gun violence. He was pleased his colleagues wanted to address these issues and was happy to work with them. ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance is important as well.

We know and see this epidemic, a scourge that is taking the lives of our people, especially the young, and must treat it as the disease it is. Once you contract, it is so very, very hard to escape its grasp. No one should be profiting. It’s time for tighter regulations. Thank you to St. Reps. Jason Dawkins and Angel Cruz for taking steps to bring this topic into the light to improve services to those in need of them. That is simply what it’s all about!

Stephanie Scully, CEO and Founder of the Joy of Living Recovery Program, is held in high esteem here in Frankford. Establishing her first recovery home in 2005, she now oversees 10 facilities. The Joy of Living Recovery Program focuses on providing a safe haven where those seeking rehabilitation feel secure, learn how to structure their days and discover that the “joy” you find in helping others becomes a large part of your own “joy”. The Joy of Living Recovery Program provides volunteers all the time and is willing to support the community whenever and wherever there is a need. We can attest to their great generosity of heart. We had a chance to talk with Stephanie after the press conference. Thank you, Stephanie, your staff and residents for lifting Frankford up each and every day! May you continue to be even more successful in 2018.