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Carpenters Company of Philadelphia at the HSF

The program of the Historical Society of Frankford for September 13, 2022, will be presented by Alex Palma, Assistant Curator at the Carpenters Company of Philadelphia. The topic is “The History of the Carpenters Company and the Built Environment in Philadelphia.” The Carpenters Company, founded in 1770, is itself one of the most historic sites in the City. It’s members shaped the local built environment, including in Frankford, and also helped to shape the development of skilled trades locally.

The meeting is open to the public at the Society building at 1507 Orthodox Street at 7:30 PM. In addition it will be live streamed on their Facebook page and available on YouTube live.

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A Shakespeare opportunity!

Shakespeare in Clark Park

The Taming of the Shrew, plus
The Tamer Tamed, by John Fletcher
Both on the same bill
July 27-31, 7 pm
4300-4398 Baltimore Avenue
Pay what you wish
These plays have separate directors, but interviewed separately, they are entirely in agreement that Shakespeare in Clark Park is a great forum for capturing the imagination of young adults who may not have been that much taken with the plays that they read in high school. Not to mention providing great entertainment for older folks. Shakespeare wrote to entertain everyone, not just the elite of his day, and SCP strives to keep that going for modern audiences
The Taming is particularly challenging, due to the misogynistic assumptions in the original. This dual presentation strives to adjust for that a bit, but retain the value of the originals. Tricky proposition. I will publish a further discussion in this space after seeing a performance. (Pandemic and heatwave frustrated my plan to see a dress rehearsal.)
Seating is in a grassy amphitheater, so take folding chairs or a blanket. Think about traveling by El and subway surface car so as to avoid a parking problem.  Check for rain instructions and other more detailed information at And tell your young friends.
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Memorial Day 2022

Monday, May 30th, is memorial day, which is the day we set aside to remember those who have died in service to our country.  We live in a very divided country but I have not heard any dispute that we should remember their sacrifice.

We published “Frankford Heroes” several years ago and now we’re researching 2 new books about the students who attended Frankford and Northeast Catholic High schools who died in service.  Can you imagine that the list of names is close to 450 lives sacrificed?  Those books will be available in September.

We’ll be posting the details of the Memorial Day ceremony at St. Joachim Cemetery soon.  Click HERE for a link to the latest edition of Frankford Heroes” which is now available on Amazon.

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The Cowden Drum

What is the Cowden Drum?

This valuable artifact from the Civil War was gifted to the Historical Society of Frankford by the Cowden family.  It is the subject of their May 10th meeting.

Historical Society president Jerry Kolankiewicz will discuss the rediscovery of the Cowden family and this Civil War drum’s history. Lara Kaplan, arts conservator at Winterthur Museum will explain her careful restoration of the drum.  Andy Waskie, an authority on the historical period, will provide some context.

The meeting is open to the public at the Society building at 1507 Orthodox Street at 7:30 PM on May 10th. In addition it will be live streamed live on their Facebook page and available on YouTube live.

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Frankford Garden Club Back in Action

Hello Gardeners!
The Frankford Garden Club is back in action after our 2 year pandemic absence, with hopes for a healthier summer for all 🌷❤🌸
Our plant sale is this coming Saturday May 7, 2022 – 10am – 1pm, with the Frankford CDC.
Paul Street will be closed from Frankford Ave. to Meadow St. for us and a bunch of other marvelous local vendors – including Eunice Ellis-Robinson!
If you are able to help, we need volunteers: 
* Friday, May 6, 10am – 12pm – Pick up plants from Delran NJ (leaving from Wissinoming Rec at 10am)
* Saturday, May 7, 9am – 1pm
Set up
Clean up
Please call to Sign up for volunteering:
Johnnie Mae Parker at 215-537-0145
or Roberta Jackson at 267-679-6002 or 267-672-8751
Please consider yourselves members at this time, we will start collecting dues at our May 21st Meeting – price is the same, $10 for individual and $15 for family membership!
Look for FGC News Part TWO on Monday, with the plant price list and details about our next Meeting on
Saturday, May 21st, 5:00-7:00 pm 
Thank you everybody, see you on Saturday  I hope!