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36 Unit Drug Treatment Facility Slated for Penn and Harrison

The main presentation at the June 7th Frankford Civic Association meeting was by David Orphanides on behalf of the Harry Patel, owner of the Quickie Mart at Frankford and Unity.  A zoning application and liquor licencing is in the works to allow for beer sales at the Mart.  The owner says he needs to the new business to stay competitive.  The result would be a remodeled Quickie Mart with indoor seating for over thirty with tables and chairs where you can eat in or take out.  There was some fervent discussion on both sides of the issue.  Mr. Patel is seeking community support for the change.

The possible opening of the property at Hawthorne and Margaret Sts. formerly known at the T&T bar as a bodega has been dropped and another more community friendly use is being explored.

Manny Citron of PhillyRising talked about CLIP citations which are now coming out as the summer growing season arrives.  CLIP gets complaints and send and investigator to see if your grass it too high or whatever.  If the investigator issues you a notice at that first inspection, it is not a citation.  He will be back in ten days to see if corrective action has been taken.  At the second visit, he may issue a citation.  You should appeal that citation by calling the L&I Review Board at 215-686-2428.

Jason Dawkins of Councilwoman Quinones-Sanchez office announced that zoning has approved the application of an institution to open

4834 Penn Street

a 36 unit drug rehab facility for men at 4834 Penn Street (corner of Penn and Harrison).  No community input was heard by the zoning board. An investigation is underway as to how this could be done behind the back of the Councilwoman’s office when it is publicly known that there is a moratorium on opening new facilities of this type in Frankford.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association is on July 5th at Aria Health.

Editorial comment

The 4800 block of Penn Street is a quiet residential block and is not the appropriate location for a facility housing 36 men in recovery.  Frankford has carried a disproportionate share of the burden of rehab and other neighborhoods need to start carrying their share of the load.  The argument will be made that the facility is located where it is needed.  The reason why we have so many people in recovery in Frankford is that for years the facilities have been put here.  If they start locating them on Society Hill or Chestnut Hill then the need will suddenly be in those neighborhoods.

Last year a clinic tried to open in a commercial area of Holmesburg. It was passed by zoning but the neighborhood came together and it did not open.  The time to come together has arrived in Frankford.

If you would like to get updates via text message on this or any other urgent issue:

Text the word FRANKFORD


(215) 987 – 5555

for community news about Frankford/Northwood.




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Denbys Sweet Sensations Turns One!

Therice Denby opened her soul food shop and bakery on Frankford Avenue a year ago, and has seen her business thrive in those short twelve months, attracting Frankford residents and bringing new folks to the Avenue who might not normally make their way to Frankford.

Like all good small business owners, Therice knew when she opened her doors that the road ahead would not be an easy one, but that if she worked hard and stuck to a sound plan, she could build a sustainable business that created positive energy here in our community. And she has done just that, using her savvy marketing skills to promote her delicious soul food and baked goods. She’s learned some lessons along the way, of course, about promotion and the day-to-day management of a storefront, which she’ll use to expand upon the client base she’s cultivated so skillfully over the past year. Stay tuned for information about open mic nights, karaoke, and more!

If you haven’t stopped by her shop yet and indulged in a cookie or piece of cake, you are missing out on more than some of the most delicious food in Frankford. You’re missing out on a restaurant with some good, old-fashioned warmth and hospitality. To know Therice is to love her. And the Frankford CDC is constantly amazed by the talent that shines through her specialty cakes.

So, we send our heartfelt congratulations to Therice, and are looking forward to working with her for years to come!

Visit Therice online here: out for pictures of her amazing specialty cakes, just some of which we’ve included below. 


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Better Know a Business: Neil’s Furniture

Frankford has a wonderful history of family run businesses, passed down over the decades from parents to children. Neil’s Furniture, located at 4831 Frankford Avenue, continues that tradition.

Rebecca Goldberg has been working in Neil’s, her father’s shop, for ten years, and took over the business when her father passed away in 2010. The way she runs the store is a true tribute to her father – her focus on customer service and the creation of a community space would make her father proud.

Neil Goldberg came from a long line of furniture salesmen. His father and uncles owned a furniture store in Kensington, and his grandfather delivered pieces on horse and buggy. Neil opened his own shop on Paul Street here in Frankford in 1979, and about five years later moved to their current location on the Ave. He loved being a part of the Frankford community, and his clients became his friends, stopping by the shop at 4:00pm for “Heineken Hour”. He never advertised – a testament to him as a person and the quality of his work. He remembered everything about his customers, from their kids names to the types of furniture they bought.

Since taking over the reins for her father, Rebecca’s learned a lot about running a small business and how difficult – as well as fun and rewarding – it can be. Most importantly, she’s developed a passion for furniture she didn’t know she had. She started out her career working with animals, but has since developed a true love for interior design and a quality piece. She’s taking interior design courses, and in the years to come hopes to incorporate that new element in to the business. And, like her father, the people are her favorite part of working in Frankford.

Rebecca and her partner in crime, Chuck, are here for the long haul. They’re open from 10:00a to 6:00p Monday through Saturday, and offer flexible lifetime lay-aways as well as carpet installation. So stop on by and take the time to chat with Rebecca and Chuck – and ask them about Neil.


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Northwood Civic Funds Northwood Town Watch

First meeting of the Northwood Town Watch

Northwood Town Watch First Meeting

A weekend distribution of fliers throughout Northwood brought about 30 people to the initial organizational meeting of the Northwood Town Watch at St. James Lutheran Church at 6PM prior to the regular Civic meeting.  An hour was spent on discussion of the role of the Town Watch, discussion of the proposed bylaws and election of temporary officers.  A second organizational meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 19th at 9 AM at the Knights of Columbus at 5323 Oxford Avenue.  Anyone who is interested in participating in Town Watch in any capacity is encouraged to attend.  Future Town Watch meeting will precede the Northwood Civic Association meetings.

At the Northwood Civic Association meeting,

the minutes of the last meeting were read.  A verbal treasurers reports was made. A member questioned whether the new Treasurer has audited the previous Treasurer’s records. No audit has been done and the member asked that future reports be printed and made public.  The Treasurer said that she would take that under advisement to the Board.

Frank Bennett VP and Joe Krause President of Northwood Civic

Members approved a motion  to fund start up costs of the newly formed Town Watch with $300 to cover the cost of printing fliers, etc.    Members questioned if the Town Watch will be funded in the future.  Vice President Bennett said that the Town Watch would fund itself.  This expenditure is to help get it off the ground.

A new member spoke about vandalism in the area of Kenwyn and Horrocks.  Young people are breaking windows.    A discussion followed about what is the most effective way to report this type of issue to the police.  Some recommend making it a roll call item and others say the best thing to do is to attend a PSA meeting and talk to the Lt. directly.  Town Watch members were present and will follow up on this issue.

Committees were formed to deal with Vacant Properties, Deed Restriction Issues and Zoning.  Volunteers for the committees met after the meeting to provide contact information to communicate at a later time.

James Clay, Democratic party candidate for State Representative in the 179th district spoke to the membership and answered questions.

James Clay

The next meeting of the Northwood Civic Association is scheduled for June 19 at 7 PM at St. James Lutheran Church.