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Barbara Jones

Barbara “Bobbie” Jones passed away on June 19, 2020.  She was the daughter of the late Charles and Alberta Jones.  Relatives, friends and members of Catholic Daughters of America are invited to her viewing Saturday, June 27,  9:00 AM at St. Joachim Church, 1527 Church Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124.

Mass of Christian Burial 10:00 AM, interment at Resurrection Cemetery.  The Mass will be live streamed on the Padre Pio Center Facebook page:

In lieu of flowers a donation in Barbara’s memory to Padre Pio Prayer Center, 1509 Church Street, Philadelphia PA 19124, would be appreciated.

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Lead the Way

Lead The Way

When you’re a father, don’t shy away.

Stand in the light so everyone can see,
What it takes to be a father and Lead the Way.

With strength and fairness and something to say,
Be the strength and the backbone for your family everyday.

Because a father is the one person we look up to – to show us the way.
Because one day will be Father’s and this is what we’ll say,
We learned from our father who showed us the way.



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Cramer’s to Return to Frankford

Patrick Hodynski reporting:
Cramer’s Uniforms, long standing in Frankford, suffered a set back a few weeks ago when a fire ravaged their store, and stock.  But I discovered today that Cramer’s Uniform will, like the Phoenix, be rising from the ashes, and will not skip a beat.
Cramer’s is relocating just one block up from their previous location, and will be open before the start of the school year.
So for all their clients who were thinking “WHERE WILL WE GET OUR THINGS THIS YEAR?” Be of good courage, Cramer’s Uniforms is here for you.  Cramer’s is taking over the former Rainbow Shop right next to the Frankford Branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia.
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Worrel-Winter House Update

Patrick Hodynski reports that the Worrel-Winter House at 1548 Adams Avenue is being rehabbed by the owner.   Work is expected to be complete within a few months.

As Harry Kyriakodis said on Hidden City Philadelphia: “At 1548 Adams Avenue in Frankford there is a small, modest home with a big, important history. The two-story house is believed to have been built between 1712 and 1718 and is one of the oldest historical structures listed on the Philadelphia Register of Historical Places. ”

Reports Hodynski:  “He is upgrading Electric and needed to replace the First floor’s floor due to termites but is restoring as much as possible. Purchased 200-year-old tongue & groove planks from an old barn to redo floor.  It will now be a 2.5 Bedroom House with kitchen & Bath on 1st floor.”

See pictures below:

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Don’t be ashamed of who you are because someone puts you down.
Lift up your head and take control because that’s only part of the game.
To make you think you’re less than a man so they can get into your head.
That’s why they keep their foot on your neck because you don’t know how to play the game.

When they tell you, this is not your country they have gotten into your head.
You never hear them say anything about the Mayflower, from which they came.
Turn and tell them that your ancestors bleed red, white, and blue.
We’ve fought in every war. how about you?

When they say go back home, don’t let them get into your head.
Because this is where you belong, under the Stars and stripes,
And we’ll fight for the red, white and blue.

So, don’t let them get into your head because this is the only country that you know.
So, when they try to put you down – wave the flag and let them know that
We have fought in every war, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose to you…