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Let Them Go


If you don’t need me let me know, if you don’t want me, let me go.
I don’t want to hear about the next time, I just want to know.
Where I can find peace of mind, so I can continue to grow.
In this world of uncertainties, and slow economic flow, because everyone needs direction, so they will know.
If they’re not needed or wanted, then just let them go.
Because everyone needs time to think, and ponder where they fit in, so, they can grow.
By letting them know this is not the end of their journey and entering a world unknown. And trying to figure out all the pieces, and where they should go!
It’s at this time when you turn, and tell them. It’s not that I don’t want you or need you, but it’s time that you should grow.
To become a better person. So, when you have children, you’ll know – when it’s time, to let them go. So, they too… can – continue to grow.

Lenny Jaynes

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Goodbye to year 2022

Goodbye to year 2022

If you didn’t realize, this was the year of deja vu. Check it out and you will see.
Because in the year 2022 we all became the same, your sister, your brother, your mother, and your son, all became as one.
Because every Thousand (1,000 ) Years, your age + your year of birth – Every person = 2022.
It’s so strange that even experts can’t explain! So, if you don’t believe check it out, and you will see.
How the year 2022 has been waiting a thousand years, just for you.
So, welcome to the world of deja vu, and goodbye to year 2022.

By Lenny Jaynes

I’m 55 years old
I was born in 1967
So 55 + 1967 = 2022

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Come As You Are, Community, to the Church That is Named for You!

There are a lot of organizations that do good and we have written about many. I’m going to focus on this particular Church located in Frankford at the foot of Oxford Avenue under the shadow of the El train.

Pastor Elaine Rivera often contacts us with information about events, gatherings and offerings that the Church is doing for the community. There are many people in need in Frankford and they count on many of the life-giving Churches and community groups just to survive. Each service group tries to meet the needs of the people as best as they can.

What I have noticed over the years is that Pastor Elaine and her volunteers do what they do in a quiet, humble fashion. They go about the business of serving God’s people, as much as they are able counting, on other good people to help them with their needs. We know and believe that the Lord will provide but sometimes it takes more faith than we might have at the moment. But I don’t think Pastor Elaine’s faith falters – her life experiences have prepared her well for her ministry to society’s forgotten people.

Elaine Rivera grew up in Philadelphia but her call to ministry would not come until later in life. After she graduated from college, she served her country as a member of the United States Air Force for 8 years. Following an honorable discharge, she chose to study Law Enforcement and her career took her to New Mexico for 5 years. Feeling a call to further service for the Lord, Elaine became a licensed and ordained Minister of the Gospel in March 2011 at True Life Bible Church in Sicklerville, NJ. Serving in various servant leader roles, Elaine became an Assistant Pastor. Launching Crossroads Empowerment Ministry in Blackwood, NJ, Elaine would become a Senior Pastor. Pastor Elaine now serves as the Founder and Senior Pastor of Come As You Are Community Church. Her congregation are those marginalized by society – the homeless, the drug addicted, those who are challenged either socially or economically. Pastor Elaine is praying for guidance regarding the establishment of traditional housing for the homeless.

Come As You Are Community Church can be found on Facebook here – and the Internet right here –

The Frankford Gazette recently posted that the Church needs volunteers. Please consider getting involved and helping them. Also, plans for Christmas Eve follows. Please help Pastor Elaine continue the work that she and the Church does so well.

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A Frankford Christmas Stocking

The surprises of a Christmas stocking are the perfect analogy for the fruits of historical research. Retired archivist and history librarian Gail McCormick shares memories of Christmas past discovered in her research on Frankford’s Swedenborgian Church and families – many of whom are founding members of The Historical Society of Frankford.


A great presentation with high quality production values.

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In My Dreams


As the sun turns down its glow, and a blue light hits the snow,
Everyone knows – it’s Christmas.
As the wind continues to blow, and icicles start to form,
As the snowflakes put on a show, dancing to and fro then everyone knows, by the joy you show, Deep in your heart – it must be Christmas.

So, gather around the tree, so everyone can see.
How beautiful life would be, if you we’re here with me.
If not, then Maybe in my dreams I’ll see, and this would mean so much to me, and a very merry Christmas.
If only – if only in my dreams.