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Frankford Library Reopening Delayed

 There has been an unexpected change in the scope of this project and, regrettably, we did not meet our funding goals. Due to the funding shortfall, the work planned for the second lower-level meeting room has been cancelled.  Meeting space options on both the upper and lower levels remain in the current project scope.

The projected re-opening date has also been changed following contractual delays, and our new timeline has an anticipated opening of Summer 2024.

Cluster Leader / Administrative Librarian
Northeast Neighborhood Libraries

215-685-0502  |
Northeast Regional Library, 2228 Cottman Avenue, 19149

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You Have A Choice


How can you love with no affection, how can you sing without a voice?
So, turn around and look in my direction. Because you always have a choice.
So don’t think life is only in One Direction. Because you always have a choice.
You can wake up early in the morning or sleep late on your motorboat.
Just remember you may not have the answer, but you always have a choice.
You may want to go swimming with the dolphins,
And find yourself swimming away from the sharks.
Just remember in life there’s always a reason,
You may not understand the answer –
Right, wrong, or indifferent, you always have a choice.


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Yes I Care


If there’s a mountain I have to climb,
If there’s a horse I have to ride,
If there’s a diamond I have to find.
Just to make my way back to you.
Then I don’t mind, then this is what I have to do.
To show how much I care for you.
I’ll cross the desert on a mule,
Dance on hot coals like a fool.
Knowing this is what I have to do – to make it back to you.
I’ll jump from a plane at High Noon,
Walk Barefoot through the Lagoon.
I’ll do what I have to do, to make it back to you.
It doesn’t matter where I go,
I let everyone know,
I’m working my way back to you,
To show you how much I care for you – yes, I really care for you.
As the days go by, I know I really have to try to make my way back to you.
This is what I’ll do,
Just to show you that I care for you.
Yes, I really care for you.

By Lenny Jaynes

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Thank You

I was just reviewing our Amazon book sales page and saw 5 books sold so far in September.  That was a lot of books but what surprised me was that they were all to one person.

3 were the “Heroes of Frankford High School” and 1 each of “Frankford Stories” and “Frankford Heroes“.

The “Heroes of Frankford High School” has been very popular this year.  It attempts to include all students (over 200 men and 1 woman) who attended Frankford High and later gave their life in service to their country.

Frankford Heroes is the story of the Frankford residents who gave their lives in service from the Civil war to the present time.  Frankford Stories is a good read about life in Frankford.  Its lots of nostalgia.

These books all came out of my experience of writing the Frankford Gazette for 13 years. I met Leon Brantley and he introduced me to Ned Johnson and they wanted some recognition for Frankford veterans.  Since I’m a veteran myself, I agreed and we started a monthly feature for the veteran of the month.

Doing all those stories, it reminded me that veterans are the ones who came home.  That was when I started to look for the stories of those who did not return. Every veteran remembers the day that he left home for basic training after taking the oath, not knowing what lay ahead.

Every Veterans Day we take pride in our service but think back to the sacrifice of those who did not return.  It could have been any one of us.

Veterans day is November 11th.

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A Wonderful Time


Somewhere in this universe the sun will rise.
Somewhere in this universe a brand-new baby will cry.
Somewhere in this universe birds will take to the sky.
That’s the day you become aware, and you’ll see flowers blooming everywhere.
Then you turn around and see honeybees and butterflies bouncing from leaf to leaf.
Then comes that summer breeze, whistling from behind the trees.
As you stand with backpack in hand – then spin around and take in all that you can see.
Then you say to yourself, “What a Wonderful time to be alive”.
So come with me, and take one step, and you will see all that you can see,
And you will say to yourself, “What a Wonderful time to be alive”, and see all that you can see.