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First Love


You’re my first love. You’re my beginning.  You are also my best friend.

You’re the sunshine in the morning,
You’re the Moonlight at the end of the day.
You’re everything I asked for, so you know I can’t let that get away.

You’re my strength when I am weary, and my light to show me the way.
You’re my first love, my beginning. I can’t let that get away.

Loving you has been a sweet Journey, loving you is where I want to be.
Locked in your arms forever, and a day. Because you mean so much to me.
You’re my first love, my beginning, and I won’t let that get away.


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G.A.R. ‘Women’s History Month’ in March

Presents a New Program via ZOOM 
Sunday, March, 7, 2021 at 1:00 p.m..
The G.A.R. Museum & Library celebrates ‘Women’s History Month’ in March with a special presentation by a special guest speaker.
Women’s Lifestyles of the 1860’s – This program describes how women lived during the Civil War era and covers everything from society matrons to female spies.  Topics include fashion, health problems, career choices, and the “typical” lifestyle. 
by distinguished historian, author and awardee
Jane Peters Estes
Jane is a beloved figure in historical circles and has researched and written about many topics in her areas of interest, including: Christmas Past (Holiday Customs of the Victorian Era); Civil War Nurses; Fashions of the 1860’s; Grave Matters (Victorian Mourning Customs); Wedding Customs and Traditions; Vivandieres; Pets of the Past; The Battle of Gettysburg: Where Were the Women?; Lest We Forget:  The Origin & Traditions of Memorial Day; and many others.
For her outstanding efforts, she has been given awards by a number of institutions and organizations, including the Samuel P. Town, ‘Grand Army Award’ by the GAR Museum & Library, the Union League, American Legion Post 405; etc.
Please send a request to reserve a virtual seat for this outstanding presentation by replying to this e-mail at
You will be sent a link with a password that will enable you to access the program within 24 hours of the start of the presentation. 
As a lover of history, you know how critical it is to keep history alive, especially today!  We very much appreciate your continued support for the GAR Civil War Museum & Library
A FREE virtual program online 
Historic Ruan House • 4278 Griscom Street• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124 •
(215) 289-6484 •
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Let’s talk about something that we may not agree, it’s called fake news and it’s happened on TV.

So, don’t get this wrong because politicians know – they started fake news.

So, when this first came out they do agree, because they are the ones that started fake news.

So, look in your history book, and you will agree that fake news is not only on TV.

When people of color do great things, it’s not even in the history books – not even on TV.


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Frankford CDC Winter Newsletter

Follow this link to the Frankford CDC Winter Newsletter.  Quite a few interesting items are shared.

It includes information about the upcoming zoning Zoom meeting for the cases listed below.

5427 Frankford Avenue- Variance is for a pawn shop. They had a five year temporary proviso.
5039 Worth Street- Variance is to demolish an old garage, and construct a new one. To be used to park personal vehicle.
4914 Penn Street- Variance for thirty five residential units, with a roof top deck, and the expansion of the fourth floor. Dwelling to be used for Frankford Jefferson staff.  This is the former Frankford Hospital Nursing School.