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I think I know where I’m going. I know where I have been.

But there is something that’s giving me courage, to keep pushing till the end.

Because there’s an  “Angel Within,” telling me to keep going, telling me I can win, and to keep on pushing.

Because there’s an “Angel Within” keeps telling me I can make it. Not knowing the “Angel Within” is waiting, –  to put a song in my heart, and rainbow over my head.

When days get dark and gloomy, and I jump up out of bed. I’ll just remember, there’s a “Angel” that put a song in my heart, and rainbow over my head.

Because everyone needs an “Angel” to keep a rainbow over their head. – from an “Angel Within.”


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Historical Society of Frankford April Meeting

Centennial of the Ferko String Band

The April program of the Historical Society of Frankford will be a celebration of the centennial of the Ferko String Band.

The meeting will be presented with a live audience, with masking and social distancing, and will also be shared remotely by way of YouTube and Facebook. That’s at 7:30 pm at the Society, 1507 Orthodox Street, on April 12. There is no charge, though contributions are welcome.

Ferko Captain Anthony Calenza will lead a group of veteran string band performers for a quick trot through the distinguished record of one of the most celebrated Mummer string bands. A moment of delight during a troublesome time.

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Fallen Leaves


Do you know what it means to have a dream, and no one to share it with.

As I climb to the top of the stairs, and look around, and no one’s there, my dream just falls apart.

Like leaves from a dying tree that has lost its grip, and starts to fall with grace and gentleness, and land on the ground, to be found by someone who collects fallen leaves.

No this is not a story about a man who needs love or sympathy, just a man looking for someone who collects fallen leaves and becomes a part of his dream.

But, when he finds that one – who will share his dream, they’ll climb to the top of the stairs, to share a dream.

Knowing what it means, to share a dream, with someone who collects fallen leaves. And understand what it means to climb the stairs, and no one’s there, to share your dream.

This comes at a time while you’re lost in a dream, and all you can see is visions of fallen leaves. “Lost in a dream”. when all you see –  is visions of fallen leaves.


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Northeast Philadelphia History Network Meeting

Friends of Northeast Philadelphia History 
Present A
Northeast Philadelphia History Network Zoom Meeting
7:00 PM, Wednesday,  April 5, 2022
Topic:  The Infamous Bank War
Speaker:  Cordelia Frances Biddle, Author
The epic 1830s battle between financier Nicholas Biddle and US president Andrew Jackson over the fate of the Philadelphia-based Second Bank of the United States comes to vivid life in author Cordelia Frances Biddle’s compelling biography of political intrigue: Biddle, Jackson, and a Nation in Turmoil: The Infamous Bank War. An independent historian and author with a passion for history,  Cordelia Frances Biddle has written a number of historical fiction and nonfiction books, the latter including Saint Katharine: The Life of Katharine Drexel.
Free and open to the public, a link for this NEPHN zoom presentation will be sent closer to the date and time of the meeting as a security measure in an effort to reduce potential interruption.
NEPHN  respects the privacy of those wishing to receive notifications of NEPHN meetings and other local history events.  Email addresses are not shared with individuals or groups.  All emails are sent Bcc – only a recipient’s email address is seen.


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Frankford Garden Club

Garden Club members and friends,

Meeting – Wednesday March 23, 6pm at Wissinoming Park Recreation Center
(Doors open at 5:30)
Happy Spring!!
We are finally -yes cautiously optimistically- returning from the pandemic – ready to heal & grow with our gardens.  If you cannot get to the meeting please let me know here so i can create an updated Club list.
* Plant Sale May 7th
* calendar
As usual, bring food or drink if you want to & are able!
Please write or call if you need a ride!
Johnnie Mae 215-537-0145
Janet Bernstein 267-982-9620
Thanks i hope to see you!