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Gun Buy Back

Just in time for your shopping trip to the grocery for the holiday dinner is the gun buy back sponsored by Barbera on the Boulevard and the 15th Police District Advisory Council.  Bring in a gun, rifle or shotgun and they will give you a gift card to a food store worth $50 bucks.

No questions, no hassles, just bring in your unloaded weapon and you walk out with the reward.  It happens on December 19th at the firehouse at 4931 Magee Avenue from 11 AM till 2 PM.

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15th PDAC Honors Officers

Officers James McAleese and Matthew Preston were recognized by the 15th PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) for outstanding performance of their duties as police officers at the meeting on September 28th.

Officers Tom McAleese and

Officers James McAleese and Matthew Preston

The membership also approved expenditures for events for the remainder of the year.  There will be Thanksgiving dinner for the needy at St. Marks, Police Officers for the Christmas season, the Children’s Christmas party in December and a meal for the needy at St. Marks in December.

Membership also resolved to work from an annual budget for these events in the future.  That will expedite the discussion and approval.  The budget for next will include a schedule of events with costs and the budget will be voted on at the beginning of the year.

Officer Houston spoke about the Town Watch Safe Corridor program now active since schools are open.  Residents volunteer to act a safe points along dismissal routes for students on their way home. If for any reason they need a place to go, they know they will be welcome.

The next PDAC meeting will be held on Monday, October 26th,

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Frankford Civic Associatin April Meeting

There were 15 people at the meeting on April 3rd at Aria Hospital.  There were no active zoning cases to discuss.

Pete Specos, President of the Frankford Civic, gave an update on the recent PDAC (15th Police District Advisory Council) elections.  Allan Leppart has been elected President.  Joe Felice is now Vice President.  Phil Poppas is Secretary,  Gina Panchella is recording Secretary and Pete Specos remains as Treasurer.

Tim Savage, on behalf of State Representative James Clay announced that a Public Policy meeting will be held by the House Democratic Policy Committee at Simpson playground on the subject of recovery and boarding houses.  It will be on April 17th at 9:00 AM.  Simpson playground is located at Arrott Street and Castor Avenue.  Residents are encouraged to attend to discuss this issue and its effect on the community.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on May 1st at 7PM at Aria Hospital.


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Focus of Frankford: Pete Specos


Pete cooking Thanksgiving dinner at Mater Dolorosa

By: Pat Smiley

There are many concerned citizens and activists in Frankford. There is only one Pete Specos. I have gotten to know Pete much better since St. Joachim Church was closed in June and parishioners started Keep the Faith in Frankford, a nonprofit, to continue the work of the Church and to help the community.

Pete’s knowledge, connections and a real willingness to serve and help in any way he can has made him a vital member as well as a member of the board. But this has only added to the work Pete has done on behalf of our community of Frankford.

A real “grassroots” man, Pete is a Democratic Committeeman and President of the Frankford Civic Association and the Zoning Officer. He is the Treasurer of the PDAC (the 15th District Police District Advisory Council). On November 23rd, Pete and PDAC provided a Thanksgiving Dinner to nearly 150 people that was held in Mater Dolorosa’s hall where local residents were treated to all the trimmings and there were many return visits to the buffet.

Pete coordinates the  PSA1 meetings where the Police meet monthly with area residents to discuss and address their concerns. Recently, the NFCY, (the old “Frankford Y”) has been restored to community use and is undergoing major renovations. Pete is Financial Director of their board.

Lucille Ball said, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” I, for one, am very grateful that Pete has been “busy” making Frankford a better place to work and live.

But don’t get the idea that Pete is all work. One of his passions is his very own Christmas Lightshow that’s on display for all those who come by 4287 Orchard St. It was featured on the Christmas TV special Christmas Planet two years ago.

The Christmas Lightshow begins on Thanksgiving night and will be available for all to enjoy through New Year’s Day! Pete, you just can’t help lighting up Frankford!

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Gun Buy Back

There will be a gun buy back on September 7th from 10AM till noon at Holy Innocents Church at Tyson and Torresdale.  It is sponsored by the Philadelphia Police and the 15th District Advisory Council.  Turn in a gun anonymously and get a $50 food voucher for a local supermarket on the spot.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

For further information contact Officer Krause at 215-686-8698 or Pete Specos at 215-738-3103.