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Frankford Civic Hot Topic Was Drugs

The 4700 block of Griscom Street was on the agenda at the Frankford Civic meeting on May 3rd.

A long discussion on the issue of drug sales on the block involved what can be done to bring it back to a livable environment.  There are several vacant properties which have become home to squatters which are part of the problem.   Vacant buildings are attractive for stashing drugs.  Drug sales are rampant all day long with numerous out of state cars making stops long enough to complete their transactions. Residents are encouraged to go to the PSA1 meeting to meet with the police directly about this issue.  That meeting is scheduled for May 22nd at Aria Health at 7PM.

Also discussed was the lack of cooperation by SEPTA on controlling the people who lounge all day on their property at the foot of the Margaret-Orthodox El station.  It creates an environment that is hostile to the commuters who use the stop every day.

There were no new zoning issues to discuss.  Pete Specos recapped the status of zoning cases taken up at prior meetings.  The 15th District PDAC will be holding the annual Community Day on Saturday May22nd at Frankford and Cottman Avenues.

The next Frankford Civic Association meeting will be held on June 7th at Aria Health at 7PM.

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Thirty Three Guns Turned in at St. Joachims

Pete Specos of the 15th PDAC watches as another gun is inventoried

There was a major haul on Saturday at St. Joachim’s as 33 weapons were turned in for Shop Rite gift cards.

It was one of the most successful days in quite some time as officers from the 15th Police District spent Saturday morning in the O’Kane Room at St. Joachim Parish hall.  11 rifles and 22 hand guns were exchanged for a gift card from the Shop Rite at Frankford Avenue and Knorr St.

Kudos to the Pastor, Father Steve Wetzel, at St. Joachim,  Pete Specos of the 15th PDAC (Police District Advisory Council), Shop Rite and the officers of the 15th District for getting these weapons off the street.

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A Fall Day in Frankford

Saturday was one of those days we were waiting for after all the rain and then the chill of the past few weeks.  It was also a busy day in Frankford with more events than I could hope to cover.

So first I stopped by the flea market sponsored by the parents of Mastery Charter School Smedley Elementary at Wissinoming Park.  It was a beautiful morning and I found quite a few folks looking at the goods even that early.

Next stop was the Smedley building which is under construction of the new classrooms.  The 15th District PDAC and the 15th District police officers were putting on a time for the kids.  There was a great crowd of kids, parents, cops and PDAC folks there.  If you look closely you will see Captain Bachmayer himself.



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PSA 1 Meeting

Attendance was a bit low last night at the PSA meeting but there was a lot to discuss regardless.

Pete Specos of 15th district PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) announced that there would be another gun buy back on May 7th at the Second Baptist Church at Mulberry and Meadow Streets.  The last event was very successful with about 50 guns taken in.  The offer incentive is a $50 Shop Rite gift certificate per gun or family.  The event will run from 10AM till 2PM.

The PDAC will have its annual community day coinciding with the Mayfair Fair Day on May 14th from 10AM till 2PM.  The PDAC will be set up on the 3500 block of Ryan Avenue, just off Frankford Avenue.  Refreshments, exhibits and fun stuff for the kids all available.

Lt. Casselli, PSA Area 1

Lt. Casselli noted that thefts from autos are down since the beginning of the year which coincides with the campaign to make people in the area aware of the risks of leaving cars unlocked and with clues that valuables like gps or ipods might be within.  Arrests were made and that was good news.

Further discussion of specific crime areas and strategies followed.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 24th.  You can check the schedule at the 15th districts web site community meeting listing.