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NAC Meeting for March

There were three zoning cased on the agenda on March 12th.

1362 Kennedy Street – PERMIT FOR CONVERT USE OF AN EXISTING ATTACHED SINGLE FAMILY DWELLING TO A TWO FAMILY DWELLING. ONE UNIT IN THE BASEMENT. ONE UNIT FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR – 2 residents of the block attended the meeting.  After the owner’s representative made his presentation and left, a vote was taken and both residents were apposed to the change.  A letter will be sent to the zoning board to notify them

1933 John Street – Owner was not present to make a presentation

4117 Worrell Street – PERMIT FOR Personal vehicle repair and maintenance with accessory vehicle parking on site.  – The business is legally on Worrell but runs back to Salem Street.  2 residents from Salem Street came to oppose the change.  After the owner made his presentation and discussed how to satisfy the neighbors a vote was taken.  Both residents voted against the proposal.  A letter will be sent to the zoning board to notify them about the vote.

The NAC notifies the zoning board of the result of the voting but it does not guarantee that the zoning board will agree.  They board may go against the wishes of the neighborhood.  Residents who want to voice their opinion one way or the other are encouraged to attend the zoning hearing.  Dates and times for hearings are available at

The Frankford NAC will meet next on April 9th at 7PM at Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

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Frankford NAC Meets for November

The Frankford NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committee) reviewed four cases at the meeting on November 13th.

  • Mr. Chen, the owner of 2051 Larue Street is applying for a variance to use the basement as a facial spa business.  Although there was no neighborhood opposition, he did not have all the required documentation and so a continuance will be requested.  He will return to the NAC meeting to present his case at a future meeting.
  • Mr. Boyd, owner of 4117 Worrell Street is applying for a permit for personal vehicle repair and maintenance with vehicle parking on site.  Mr. Bryant, NAC President, noted that there appear to be unresolved violations on the property.  In addition, a neighbor appeared and spoke against the variance citing that the business has already been operating without permits.  In light of those issues, the NAC will request a continuance until the issues are resolved.
  • Mr. Damm, appeared for 5451 Horrocks Street for a variance for use for a professional office on the first floor with a single family dwelling on the second floor.  He provided signed petitions of support and there was no opposition so the NAC will send a letter to the zoning board supporting the variance.

    1541 adams ave

    1541 Adams Ave. credit to Google Maps for the image

  • The attorney for owner of 1541 Adams Avenue presented the final case.  This property is the large vacant lot at Adams and Kensington Ave.  It is owned by 4150 KENSINGTON AVE LLC which is the building the fronts on the 4100 block of Kensington.  The lot is zoned RSA-5 which is for residential use.  They want to change the zoning to CMX-2 which is commercial.  The reason is that the cost residential construction far exceeds the value of any house in that area of Frankford and would make it economically unfeasible.  The owners believe that the lot could be find productive commercial use.  In order to do this the zoning map has to be changed legislatively.  The Councilperson would introduce legislation to do this and if approved the zoning map would be changed.  There was one neighbor in opposition to the change.  The NAC asked that the owners get some support for the change before they go further with the process.


The next Frankford NAC meeting will be held on December 11th at 7PM at Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.