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EPIC Stakeholders Meet for April

As usual, the NE EPIC Stakeholders meeting provided dinner and a full plate of information as well.

  • Doris Booker and Jennifer Selby reported on their attendance at the Frankford Civic and PSA1 meetings
  • Douglas Bryant, President of the Frankford NAC, reported on a proposed new shopping center to be built at Tulip Street and Harbison Avenue.   That is the large property that was, years ago, SKF.  The American Heritage FCU is on the Bridge Street side.  It will be called the Shops at Wissinoming and feature a large food market and numerous stores.  If all goes well we might see that open up in about two years.

    laverne andrews at epic

    Laverne Andrews at the NE EPIC Stakeholders

  • Simone Smith reported on the first week of the Citizens Engagement Academy which held its first session on April 24th.  It will run for 7 more weeks.
  • Laverne Andrews, a gifted communicator, presented for CAPE PA (Child Abuse Prevention Effort) a program on Communicating with Respect.
  • Cheryl Cutrona Esq. made a presentation of the Good Shepard Mediation Program.
  • CJ Waddy spoke about the Say Nooo to Strangers Foundation plans for National Day for Missing Children on May 25th.

The next meeting of the NE EPIC Stakeholders will be on May 30th at 5:30 PM at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.