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Art on the Menu at Denby’s

The first of two meetings on the subject of Imagining Frankford was held last night at Denby’s Sweet Sensations.  The purpose of these meetings is to get input from the community in order to plan and execute the murals that will be done by the Mural Arts Program.  The timeline is in the planning stage now with execution to begin through the Spring and Summer with dedication about this time next year.


Brainstorming Art in Frankford

So how do you see Frankford and what would you like to see depicted in those murals.  The exact number has not been determined but they will line the business corridor from Kensington Avenue to Bridge Street.  A lot of great concepts came up at the meeting.  There were lots of ideas that I never thought about.

The most profound to me was that “Frankford lives on the streets”.  That is very true.  We still have a lot of people out walking about the neighborhood, shopping, strolling the park, catching the el on the way to work.  There is another meeting next Thursday where you can lend your voice to what will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future.   Come on out next Thursday.  Here are the details.

By the way, the sensations at Denby’s were delicious.

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Imagining Frankford

The Mural Arts program is holding two public meetings to plan the project in Frankford.   The schedule is for the first to be held on Wednesday, October 5th and the second on Thursday October 13th.  The time is from 6 to 7:30 P.M.  Come to the meeting at Denby’s Sweet Sensations, to become a part of this exciting project.


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Embracing the Heart of Frankford

Artist Cesar Viveros

John Loftus scooped me on this story.  The Mural Arts Program is coming to Frankford.  The details are conveyed by John in his story in this weeks Northeast Times.  I cannot add anything except to say that it is a golden opportunity to showcase the wealth of material we have in our community.

Look for future announcements for an opportunity to participate in this process.