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Passing Sheriff Sale would clear the way to a new Future for Former Y building

With news that the New Frankford Community Y building has been listed for sheriff sale set for October 4th, I found myself unsure of what that meant.  It’s been no secret that the Y was in serious financial troubles for some time before it closed it’s doors permanently, including at one point, the Northwood Civic voting to file a suit in Orphan’s Court to the past financials of the center.  So I reached out to Northwood Realtor Mike Galdi to see if he could shed some insight.  Mr Galdi noted “a sheriff sale would clear title and allow for the sale of the building”.

Without knowing the specifics of the building, Mr Galdi noted several possible reasons for the property to hit sheriff sale now.  The first mortgager of the property most likely instigated the process out of the belief that the property was of value to someone.  Either they were approached by an outfit interested in the property or they believe that once it clears all liens and taxes, that they’d be able to put the property up for sale and find a buyer.

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New Frankford Y Heading to Sheriff Sale?

An astute poster from the Northwood Civic conversation has noticed that the New Frankford Y is listed for sheriff sale October 4th, 2011.

The New Frankford Y had been a hotly talked about property during the recent Northwood Civic Association meeting as it has fallen into disrepair after closing down last year.  The property had been slated to go to sheriff sale last December but it is unclear at this time what the result was.  The Y’s last executive director Terry Tobin passed away this January from an accidental fall, since then the facility’s financial situation has been murky.

Read the entire current listing for the October 4th sheriff sales here(PDF).

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What is Happening to the Old Y

Stories have been going around for a couple of months about the fate of the old Y.  I was able to confirm that the deal to sell it, so far, has not been done.  Cleaning up on the premises is being done by the board of directors of the Y.

The proposal is for the Sankofa Freedom Academy Charter School (now located at 4256 Paul Street) to move into apartment buildings at 1336 Arrott Street and use half of it as class room space.  The second part is that they would also buy the old Y building and use it as well. That would provide gymnasium, pool and a lot of additional space.

The school does not have sufficient space at the present location for their ongoing expansion so a move is seen as a necessity.  Keeping the school in Frankford is also a good thing.

We’ll post an update as soon as we hear of any new developments.


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New Frankford Community Y Building

Anybody see any activity at the old Y?

From Diane:

On Sunday as we passed the Y around 7:00pm lights were flashing in the main lobby and the lights were on in Terry’s office. I called 911 and all they wanted to do was put me on hold with the fire department. They never answered so I hung up. With the building closed I was concerned who would be inside and what were they up to? Does anyone know who was in there? I thought you might have connections and could find out what is going on. I miss the Y and would like to see it reopened. Diane Kunze

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Terry Tobin, Executive Director of the Frankford Y, Has Passed Away

Terry Tobin at the 2009 Frankford Festival

I received notice from reliable sources that Terry Tobin, former executive director of the New Frankford Community Y passed away today.  He was also a board member of the Frankford CDC and a member of the Frankford Business and Professional Association.  This year he was busy as Secretary and Treasurer of the Frankford High School Alumni Association.  Further information will be posted when it becomes available.