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Quickie Mart Wants to Sell Take Out Beer

From Kim Washington:

Don’t forget that the Frankford Civic Association meeting is tonight.  Harry Patel, the owner of the Quickie Mart on Frankford and Unity Street is requesting support from the Civic Association to add a take-out beer component and to add some additional renovations to the store.  Come out and voice your concerns.  Let you voice be heard!  I hope to see you all there tonight!

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Frankford Civic Association Meeting 4/5/2012

The Frankford community is once again confronted by the issue of the property at 4691 Hawthorne Street which was formerly the T&T bar.  The T&T was the scene of the murder of Chris Spence last year and a new owner has taken over the property with the intention of opening a grocery store.  A zoning petition has been filed and therefore support from the Frankford Civic Association will be necessary for the use to be approved.  Because of community concerns, a community meeting is being planned which is tentatively scheduled for April 24th at the 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.  The Civic will follow the will of the community as is determined at that meeting.  When we have a final schedule for the meeting we will publish it here and on the community calendar.

In other news at the meeting, zoning issues occupied the board for the entire night.  An application for an addition to the Love and Faith Church at 1680 Bridge Street was approved.  Application for a carport at 5117 Torresdale Avenue was not approved.  Application for a four family dwelling conversion at 2001 Bridge Street was not approved.

The application to sell beer at the Quickie Mart at Unity Street and Frankford Avenue was discussed by the board and members.  The owner made a presentation at a Civic meeting earlier this year and has moved forward with his application.  He has stated that he cannot continue to operate the business successfully without the additional revenue the beer sales would bring in.  Numerous take out beer outlets already exist in that area and members are concerned.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be on May 3rd at 7Pm at Aria Health.

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Frankford Gazette Goes Into Print

The print edition of the Frankford Gazette hit the streets today.  You can find it at the following locations:

  • Quickie Mart Express – 4346 Frankford Avenue
  • Free Library of Philadelphia, Frankford Branch – 4634 Frankford Avenue
  • Sugar & Spice – 4801 Frankford Avenue
  • 7-11, 5028 Frankford Avenue
  • Holiday Thriftway – 5147 Frankford Avenue

So what does this mean?  We have a fairly large following here on the internet but we do not reach the folks in the community who are not connected.  That was until today.

This came about directly from the work of Jim Saunders from the City Managing Director’s office as a result of his work with PhillyRising.  He saw the need for a print newspaper and Patricia Coyne, of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations’ Community Relations Division (who is also volunteer board secretary for the Historical Society of Frankford suggested that some of us get together at her office to talk about it.  Tim Wisniewski, of the Frankford Special Services district talked to us last year about the need for a print newspaper and he also attended that meeting.  Within an hour, we had developed a plan and it became a reality today.  The final product was printed by the Frankford CDC at their office on Griscom Street and the papers were distributed by the Safety Ambassadors of the Special Services District.

Naturally the print edition is a little different than what we do online.  We are looking for advertisers to make it self supporting.  We are also looking for contributors of news, pictures, event reports and everything else that you want to see in a community newspaper.

When you child graduates from high school, send us a picture with the details.  If mom or dad comes home from deployment, let us know.  The school events that your kids are involved with are of interest to everybody.  We are also exploring ways to expand coverage to include some Spanish language reporting because we want to include all of the residents in our community.

Four years ago we started this web site because there was nothing else out there serving Frankford.  Most of the news that mentioned Frankford was negative.  So we wanted to focus some attention on the positive.  We will do the same with the print edition.  And did I mention that is is free?   You can see it at the locations listed above.  You can also download the pdf right here.

And if you are attending the special meeting of the Frankford Civic tonight, some copies will be available.

Thank you, Frankford, for your support.