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Metal Work Template For Something At Silk City

We’re back  at Jason Robert’s metal shop.  This is a template he had on the floor during my visit.


I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I know eventually this idea will turn into something at Silk City.  If you look on the right of the wooden template you’ll see that curved drawing.  That’s left side of the door to the beer garden, looks neat.   So stay tuned and one day we’ll see what it looks like in 3D.

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Metal Work For Silk City’s Beer Garden is Being Made In Frankford

Over the weekend I teased you about what Jason Roberts was working on over at the Dye Works.  Well the wait’s over, because….

These doors


being constructed at the Globe Dye Works inside this building


are going to set up where the gate is here:

Silk City's Chain Link Fence Where Beer Garden Gate Will Be

Anyone recognize this place?  It’s Silk City.

Silk City is so cool it’s regularly listed in Philebrity.  Take a second on all this.  It’s shocking.  It can’t be.  Yet it is.  Nothing grows in Frankford.  Nothing.  And it’s not the only example I have to show you.

You’ll have to excuse me for being a drama queen about this but this something good coming out of Frankford and I’m just trying to drill it home.  I’ll have more on the metal work already setup tomorrowish.  And I’ll have more the other stuff going on in the months to come.