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Neighbors Defend Wakeling Street Fence

The Frankford NAC met on March 10th to review 5 requests for zoning variances.  After a reading of the minutes from the previous meeting and a discussion of the code of conduct by President Doug Bryant, the applicants presented their cases.

The owners of 1303 Wakeling Street have erected a large fence around their property without permits and it exceeds current standards for height and visibility.  Their representative explained that the high fence was needed for security around the property after a burglary and other incidents of trespassing.  Neighbors spoke on their behalf and supported the application.  When the vote was taken, it was unanimously in favor of granting the variance.

1303 Wakeling Street

1303 Wakeling Street

The owner of 5103 Duffield Street is applying for a variance for her family day care to become a group day care facility.  This would increase capacity from 6 to 12 children.  Because she did not have a floor plan of the home, the case was continued.

The owner of the car repair shop at 1845 Wakeling Street is requesting a variance that would allow car sales.  The vote was 3 to grant the variance and 2 opposed.

The owner of 4954 Duffield Street is seeking a variance to legalize a gazebo already built in the back yard.  It exceeds size limits presently allowable.  The vote was to support the application.

An application to open a multi service business including check cashing services at 5103 Duffield Street was opposed by 5 neighbors in attendance.  At present the building houses a beauty salon.  Neighbors feel the presence of a check cashing facility would make it a target for robbery in a residential area.

The NAC will forward the results of the voting to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.  The ZBA is not obligated to follow the NAC recommendations.

The next NAC zoning meeting will be held at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street on April 14th at 7 PM.