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Another Week, Another Issue the Gazette is Late On

This is going to be a running joke, I can feel it.  Just a week after I whine about us being the last to find out about the conversion of the Frankford Day Nursery into another Recovery House, we already have another one in the pipeline.  Apparently there’s some halfway house action happening at the corner of Griscom and Church.  And it’s pretty apparent from the comments that follow the post that there are other residents that know more about it than we do.  We at the Gazette are not really journalists, and we cannot do this alone.

If you know of shenanigans going on in Frankford, why don’t you just mosy on over to our message board and post it, it’s right here.  It’s pretty anonymous, post gossip if you like.  And if you don’t know anything about the bad stuff, do something even better and post some good stuff.  I have never met a resident of Frankford that didn’t find something interesting, or from whom I was not able to learn more about it’s past.

I did this last week and got an awesome response.  I learned about Overington Manor and Leandros Pizza.  Go over and tell me something new this week.


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Update on 1522-24 Church Street

The new recovery house on the corner of Church and Griscom has been visited by L&I who found no activity.  img_2542edit

Our Councilperson has requested a revisit for another inspection.  She will continue to monitor this case until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the community.  It was through an unfortunate office oversite that Father Steve at St. Joachims did not receive a callback on his previous contact.   It will not happen again.

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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

A good crowd once again attend the Frankford Civic Association tonight.  The meeting ran a bit over an hour and fifteen minutes.

  • In addition to the concerned residents of Frankford, some representatives of Frankford drug services were present.  A good deal of discussion was spent on the issue of the perception of the Frankford Civic as unfriendly to these types of businesses.  It seems fair to say that the folks who attended the meeting from the drug services arena are likely to be the best of the lot and expressed a desire to see the undesirable elements weeded out.  That position seems to line up nicely with the goals of the Frankford Civic and most other folks.
  • Zoning issues were updated and the Civic is dealing with them promptly as they come up for approval.
  • Officer katz of the 15th District was at the meeting to listen to citizen complaints and dealt with several with advice on how they should be handled.
  • Complaints from several residents of Salem Street about the clients at the Wedge building on Frankford Avenue centered on loitering by clients waiting for a van to pick them up for the return trip to wherever they live.  They clearly do not live in Frankford.  This is what residents were afraid would happen and now it has happened.  What will our representatives do to straighten this out.  They gave them the green light to move in here and set up shop.  No opposition.  When the same thing was about to happen in Bustleton, red light.  What a surprise.
  • 1522 and 24 Church Street have been purchased and the new owner plans to open a recovery house 120 feet from the door to St. Joachim church and 250 feet from the Northwood Academy Charter school.  Why does that sound like such a bad idea.  Because drug dealers like to go where the business is so they will also be on the church and school doorsteps.  Call your councilperson.  Express your restrained but vehement opposition.  See if we can make this go away permanently.  215-686-3448, 3449.

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Real estate transactions

Real estate transactions in January in Frankford are listed below.  Thanks to our friends at ReMax Cityspace.

5423 Mulberry St $148,900
880 E Sanger St $114,900
5246 Marlowe St $30,000
1231 Kenwyn St $62,000
956 Granite St $92,900
1670 E Cheltenham Ave $114,300
5117 Oxford Ave $107,000
2120 E Cheltenham Ave $26,000
1522 Church St $62,000
4600 Pilling St $166,500
5444 Charles St $110,000
2074 Carver St $34,000
1619 Brill St $36,317
5334 Akron St $125,000
2038 Granite St $20,750