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Case Dismissed on 4691 Hawthorne Street

Victory came to the residents in the area of Hawthorne and Margaret Streets this Tuesday at a zoning hearing.  A core group of activists has been working diligently for over two months in opposition to the zoning application of the owner of the property at 4691 Hawthorne Street to open a grocery store.  This is the location of the former T&T bar which was the scene of repeated problems and finally the murder of Chris Spence.

Neighbors organized and collected 350 signatures on petitions opposing the zoning variance.  Attending the hearing was a representative group of neighbors, Pete Specos (President of the Frankford Civic Association), Tim Savage and Scoot Clay (Democratic candidate for State Representative).

The case was dismissed before any testimony was heard from the opposition due to a lack of documentation on behalf of the applicant.  The owners cannot apply for a variance for at least one year.

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Residents Oppose Grocery Store Zoning for Margaret and Hawthorne

In a community meeting at Aria Hospital on August 16th over 30 residents came to voice their opposition to a zoning application for a grocery store at 4691 Hawthorne Street.  This is for former location of the T&T bar which was the site of the murder of Chris Spence.

The opposition from the neighbors is based on the litter and loitering that inevitably come with a corner store, no matter how well run it may be.  They note there there are as many as 16 grocery stores within a five block radius of that location now.

The neighborhood has been relatively quiet since the bar was shut down and the neighbors are very wary of any new business going into that location.

They listened politely to the presentation and then left declaring that there would be signed petitions at the next Frankford Civic Association meeting to document the depth of opposition in the neighborhood.

At the Frankford Civic meeting in September, the owners will make their presentation again.  The neighbors will express their views and the the Civic will vote on whether to support or oppose the zoning variance.

The owners will still have the right to go to a zoning hearing for the case but with community opposition, their case would be more difficult.

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Frankford Civic Association Meeting Agenda for 8/2/2012

The next Frankford Civic Association meeting will be held at Aria Health, 4900 Frankford Avenue at 7 PM in the 2nd floor lunch room.  The agenda is as follows:

  • 4691 Hawthorne Street – Ongoing discussions about the proposal by the owner to open a grocery store
  • 4327 Penn street – Zoning application for a day care
  • 4834 Penn Street –  Frankford Civic will be joining with Northwood Civic at a special meeting at the St. James Lutheran Church hall at Castor Avenue and Pratt Street at 7 PM on Tuesday July 17th to discuss the issue.  We urge all Frankford and Northwood residents to attend this meeting.

For further information, call Pete Specos at 267.738.3103