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Week in Review April 26, 2014

Saturday was the grand opening of the Destination Frankford art gallery.  There was a great crowd, music and food at the block party.

Tuesday we stopped by the Frankford Business and Professional Association meeting.  Sorry to have missed most of the meeting but did get a pictures of these folks about to go back to work.

Thursday there were three important meetings.  The EPIC stakeholders gathering was focussed on fitness and got a lot of interest from those attending.  The PSA1 meeting was saved by Lt. Burton who arrived late due to official duties getting in the way.  He remained until 8:30 PM answering questions.  The Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls club met again to discuss the state of the club and continue plans for fundraising.

Friday we distributed the Gazette in print.  We have one new spot at Simpson Playground for those in Northwood.  You can find it on the table in the lobby.

Some pictures below of the events of the week.

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NAC Zoning Board Meeting Wrapup for April

By: Christine DeJesus


Kimberly Washington, Esq., of the Frankford CDC presented and informed the community about the project and beautification efforts that will be happening on the 4600 block of Paul Street. The FCDC has received a gardening agreement from the City to keep up the lot. Hopefully this will prevent illegal dumping. Ian Litwin of the City Planning Commission has already done work on the Daral Building which is located next to the lot. FCDC has received three grants, one for a pop up garden (like PHS does), sign improvements, and permanent park.

Community Design Collaboration will design the lot. There will also be a design of new signage for the neighborhood. This signage will be placed high enough so they will not be tagged with graffiti. They will be made with anti-graffiti materials. FCDC is working with the same group that makes the Fairmount Park signs. There will be 5 to 10 signs, one of each type and placement is still being worked out.  The developer can put up a temporary fence.


The lot will have Art Shows every Saturday starting April 19th to July 26th and will be open from 12 noon to 5pm. The Daral building will be used if needed. Womrath Park – Christine Rojek who was the winning artist, designed a 16 foot tall structure that looks like water and two artistic screens which represents Frankford’s past, present, and future.  They are anticipating November for the installation of the art piece. Kimberly will be in touch with Keith Green from PHS, to see what they can offer to the project. He may be able to clear the back of the lot and put up a fence.

Kimberly is shooting to get the Art Gallery Showcase going as early as Saturday, April 19th which will feature Dumpster Divers a five week series, May 24th photographers, and June 28th Philadelphia Sculptures. Food trucks and live entertainment will be happening on the opening day.


Design Wish List

• Lighting- Lighting should be functional.

• Possibly string lights from building to building (Mike Galdi disapproved that idea, he mentioned that it would look trashy)

• Lighting from the walkway

• Cobblestone walkway with lanterns

•Post lighting especially towards the back of the lot

• Motion sensors (for Security)

• Lighting on the Murals (both walls, down lighting from the top

•Security Cameras

• Removal of pre-existing trees

•Hostas (plants) on the walkways

• Raised beds near the sunny part of the lot (up front) so you can see it from the street

• Murals on both walls

• Have lot open in the front but closed off in the back to prevent cars from parking on the lot

• Existing fence will be painted (temporary fix)

• Window installed on the side of the building to look out onto lot

• Temporary Stage

• Seating- tables and chairs (possibly something that can be moved, storage will be something to work out)

• Bushes installed so that lot won’t look barren in the winter Example: Speckled Acuba, Witch Hazel, Mahoney, Holly


Programming Wish List

• Live Music

•Food trucks

•Music Festivals (Jazz)

• Event to showcase businesses on the Frankford Corridor

• Movie time- screening on the wall of the Daral building.

•Saturday- produce market – invite the owner of the produce market on the 4600 of Frankford Avenue

• Outside performances- Freedom Theatre/ Arden

•Plant a Plug- Mother’s day event for the children

• Puppet shows

The lot will be open for the community to use. (Will need a permit if you make people pay for the space) The idea is to have the space be permanent with an internet café inside the building, a permanent garden, and possibly the FCDC occupying the office space on the second floor. This information will be taken back to the Community Design Collaborative group and a follow up meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 21st at Frankford Aria Hospital from 5:30 to 7:30 pm to go over what the neighborhood wants to see in the space. There will be a landscape Architect with options and will cost everything out.  The pop up garden will be done next year; however, programming will take place in the space.

The Zoning Board heard two cases:

1000-38 Orthodox Street:

Amy Hollister, Kristie Dugan and Charles Durkin from Northwood Academy (Located at Castor and Adams Avenue) presented to the zoning board their plans to take the corner of Orthodox and Adams Avenue and make 30 parking spaces. There was a Cora Building which was demolished a year ago. The lot right now is dirt and rubbish that sits behind Kmart. They have implement trees and shrubs in their design. Northwood academy stated that they have notified the neighbors in the area of their plans for the vacant lot. One person from the neighborhood was present, and voted in favor of the plans. The Frankford Zoning Board will send a letter of approval.


2153 Haworth Street:

Christian T. Johnson, Esq. representing Ms. Jane Novawicky, stated that the neighbors were notified. He would like to legalize the subdivided property: 9 garages is Parcel B and a single family dwelling is Parcel C. When Parcel C was sold to Ms. Novawicky, the ownership of the nine garages was not legal. They were rejected because Parcel B (garages) had no open air and no access to them. Christian stated they only want to legalize the long standing use and will not change anything. They want this done to separate the deed for each parcel. Ms. Novawicky already has potential buyers for the garages, but does not know his/her intentions for the use of the garages.

The Frankford Zoning Board will send a letter of support to ZBA for the Parcels to be separated.

The next NAC meeting is scheduled for May 8th at 7:00 PM at Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.


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Destination Frankford Art Gallery Festival Vendor Registration

Come out and join the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and the Frankford Community Development Corporation for the Destination Frankford Art Gallery and Block Party!!!!!

Community organizations and local artist are invited to set up display/informational tables.  A minimum donation of $25 is requested of all vendors.  The proceeds will be used to develop a vacant blighted lot on the 4600 Block of Paul Street into a vibrant and welcoming public space.

For more information follow this link.

To Register follow this link.

Thanks in advance for your attention and response to this invitation.  I look forward to seeing you all there.
Kimberly Washington
215-743-6580 743-6580
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Art Gallery Coming to Frankford Avenue

 With thanks to Ian Litwin, of the City Planning Commission, the Destination Frankford Gallery will be opening this month on Paul Street right off Frankford Avenue in what was formerly the Daral store.  It took a lot of money to get it ready but now interior work has been essentially completed and final inspections are scheduled and exterior signage will be going up shortly.

It will be another step in the process of neighborhood revitalization in Frankford. The gallery will host RECLAIM, REDISCOVER, REANIMATE Saturdays from April 19 – July 26 from Noon to 5:00 PM.  Local artists will exhibit their work and the community will gain an opportunity to view contemporary art.

Three separate exhibitions will each focus on one part of the theme. “Reclaim” will include twenty-one members of Philadelphia’s Dumpster Divers, “Rediscover” will involve seven local photographers, and “Reanimate” will present sculptures from members of Philadelphia Sculptors. Each show will have its own reception that will spill over into the street and the pocket park next door. The public is invited to listen to live music, enjoy the offerings of food trucks, and peruse a local crafts market.

RECLAIM | Dumpster Divers

Saturdays, April 19 – May 17, 2014

Philadelphia’s Dumpster Divers are well known for their commitment to making art from what others would perceive as junk. Seeing the possibilities in trash and other under-utilized resources, they bring a new awareness to the concept of “upcycling” as they transform discarded materials into creative new art forms.

REDISCOVER | Photography

Saturdays, May 24 – June 21, 2014

Seven local photographers will use their cameras to explore Philadelphia’s urban terrain, concentrating on less visited locations and new perspectives of familiar imagery.  Using personal viewpoints, they draw attention to small moments, ambiguous settings, and underlying beauty that might be overlooked by the casual viewer.

REANIMATE | Philadelphia Sculptors

Saturdays, June 28 – July 26, 2014

Members of Philadelphia Sculptors will address the concept of bringing new life back to a place, person, or community. Work ranges from the figurative to the abstract, with artists employing techniques and materials that may reference the past as they create work of the present.

Information about the opening block party on April 19th will be posted next week.