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Imagining Frankford Final Mural Design

Coming up this Sunday at the Frankford craft market and holiday celebration, the mural arts folks will have the design for the last mural to go up on Frankford Avenue.  They would like your input.  They have been very attentive to community concerns so come by St. Marks and take a look. They want to hear from you.

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Flying Kite on the Ground in Frankford

Flying Kite Media hit the ground running in Frankford in October and quickly mounted two events at their Frankford headquarters at St. Marks.

Partnering with the Mural Arts project, they cosponsored a community paint day which once again gave residents the opportunity to get their hands on some paint brushes to work on the murals that will be displayed at various locations in Frankford.  That was back on November 8th.  At the same time, an art exhibition opened.  You can follow this link to see the artists and a description of their work.

On November 10th, Flying Kite sponsored the first Frankford Fall Music and Arts Festival.  Food, beer music, vendors and art sounds like a winning combination.  The crowd far exceeded my expectations and the interesting thing is that they were not residents of Frankford.  People from all over the city and beyond trekked to Frankford on a Saturday night to see what was happening here.

You can follow this link for a slideshow of the event. Stay tuned for something equally awesome coming up at St. Marks on December 15th.

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Frankford’s Got Talent!

We at the Frankford CDC happened to stumble upon a copy of Harding Middle School’s literary anthology from a couple of years ago – and we loved it so much that we wanted to share it with as many folks as possible!

Take a minute and read for yourselves – Frankford has some seriously talented youth! (And some very talented and dedicated teachers, too!)