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Notes on NAC April Meeting

The NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Council) met on April 11th at 2nd Baptist Church to hear two zoning cases.

The group heard a presentation from the owner of 1708 Orthodox street who wants to build a one story garage/storage facility on the property for his contracting business.  He needs a zoning variance for this use of the property.  Members expressed concern about the traffic in the residential area.  The vote taken was to not support the request for the variance.IMG_2018web

The owner of 4731 Griscom Street made his case for a Crown Fried Chicken take out store.  He needs a zoning variance for that type of business.  The location is at the corner of Griscom and Oxford and the entrance would actually be on the Oxford Avenue side of the building. Members raised the issue of the store hours and the fact that the 4700 block of Griscom is a residential area.  The vote was unanimous against supporting the variance.

The next NAC meeting is scheduled for Thursday May 9th at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

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Frankford Civic Passes on Crown

4731 Griscom (2) web

4731 Griscom St.

In an, at times contentious, meeting of the Frankford Civic Association on April 4th, the membership voted unanimously to oppose the opening of a Crown Fried Chicken at 4731 Griscom Street.  Turnout was unusually large with some members carrying signed petitions of opposition already circulated and in hand.

The owner’s representative made a presentation to the group for a variance for use of the property for take out service.  Although the legal address is on Griscom Street the store would be located in what was formerly Lee’s shoe repair at Oxford and Griscom.

Residents of that block of Griscom Street spoke out vehemently against the variance.  Gary and Sandra both cited the history of drugs and violence which plagued the area last year with 3 murders during that time. Recent months have shown improvement and they do not want to see a business open which they believe will lead to a return to the bad old days.  They made it clear that the issue is not personal to this owner but would be the same for any business keeping late hours for take out food.  These businesses belong on a commercial corridor and not at the end of a residential block.

1708 orthodox (3) web

1708 Orthodox St.

In another case, the owner of 1728 Orthodox is seeking a variance to build a one story garage for storage of two small trucks and equipment used in his contracting business.  He made his presentation but the membership voted to oppose that use although the vote was not unanimous.  The objections centered on the fact that it is a busy residential block with occupied houses on both sides of the now empty lot.

There was a moment of silence at the beginning of the meeting to commemorate the loss of four board members since November of 2010.  Thelma Young, Frances Clay, Kevin Walch and Steve McClintock all actively served to Civic.  Representative James Clay, son of Frances Clay, also said a few words.

Penny Colgan-Davis, Principal of Frankford Friends School, spoke about some exciting plans for the school.

Zoning hearings for the properties discussed at this meeting will be held at the Zoning Board of Adjustment offices at 1515 Arch Street on the 18th floor on Wednesday April 17th .  1708 Orthodox Street is scheduled for 4PM.  4731 Griscom is scheduled for 5PM.  The hearing is open to the public.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on May 2nd at 7PM at Aria Hospital.