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Frankford Civic Meeting

KatieRose keenan of the Northeast Times reports on last weeks meeting:

The heated debate concerning an increasing number of buildings being converted into recovery houses and rooming houses was still in full stride at the meeting.
“Frankford needs to get back to one-family dwelling homes,” said Liz McCollum–Nazario, president of the Frankford Business and Professional Association. “Most of these houses in Frankford were created for single families. Frankford is filled with churches, rooming houses, recovery houses and transitional houses. All these rooming houses are being sucked into one area of Frankford, and it is not what a viable community needs.”
The issue of the number of buildings bring converted was brought up when a zoning application to convert a three-story house to a six-family dwelling was presented to the civic association’s board. Residents are already living in the building.
Pictures passed around of the house showed several windows boarded up.
“The appearance alone shows a lot. It’s detrimental to the neighborhood and quality of life. But we can’t make decisions in one night and on appearance alone,” said McCollum-Nazario.

Read the entire story here.

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Frankford Civic Association meeting tonight

For those who can attend here is tonights agenda. Our Guest Speakers were just confirmed. Please note that the FKD Civic Association monthly meetings are ALWAYS the FIRST Thursday of each month at Frankford Hospital ‘s 2nd Floor Conference Room at 7:00 PM. We hope to see you there.

September 4, 2008


  1. Welcome and Introductions- Frances Clay
  2. Guest Speakers:

Amy Hollister- Northwood Charter School

Rachel Steener-  Public Nuisance Task Force
  1. Zoning Issues- Kevin Walsh & Pete Specos
  2. Announcements
  3. Adjourn
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Frankford Civic Association

Jon Campisi of the Northeast Times reports on last weeks meeting. 

Members of the Frankford Civic Association, who have opposed the recent influx of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities in the neighborhood, addressed a member of Mayor Michael Nutter’s staff at their meeting last week, attempting to seek resolution to the issue.
Roland Lamb, director of the Office of Addiction Services in the Department of Behavioral Health & Mental Retardation Services, sought to dispel some of the myths tied to these types of facilities, although he also told the group he could relate to their concerns over quality of life.

Rehab centers is a subject of interest to everyone.  Read the story here.

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Frankford Civic Association

John Campisi of the Northeast Times reports on last week’s meeting of the Frankford Civic:

While they lost round one of the fight, the Frankford Civic Association vowed to keep pressing ahead in its quest to deny the Wedge Medical Center sanctuary in the neighborhood.
During an association meeting on May 1, president Frances Clay told those in attendance that representatives of the civic group had been unable the previous day to persuade the city Zoning Board of Adjustment to block Wedge from opening a drug- and alcohol-treatment center at 4243-47 Frankford Ave.
The plan has been strongly opposed by the civic group, which thinks there already are too many of those facilities in the neighborhood.
Not counting Wedge, 16 similar facilities operate throughout Frankford, Clay said.

Read the entire story here.