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Progress on the Frankford Murals

Work has been moving along on the Frankford murals.  The panels on the building opposite Womrath Park are almost finished.  Work on the wall of the building that faces the North end of Womrath Park is underway.

I met Cesar Viveros there this week with two other artists as they were mounting the painted panels and on the prepared surface of the wall.  This wall is large and is made up of many individual panels that have been painted previously.  The people who participated in the community paint days will be able to recognize what they painted.

Each wall has to be prepared before the panels, made of a strong but thin cloth, are attached.  After the panels are mounted, there is some touch up work necessary but you can see from the slide show below that it is already shaping up as a monumental work.

There will be a ceremony in the Spring when the last work is complete.  Until then we’ll continue to post updates.

If you happen to go by, feel free to stop and say hello to the artists.  They are a friendly bunch and like to talk about their work.



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Paint by Numbers

If you ever liked doing paint by numbers, you have to go to the Mural Arts Paint day Saturday August 11th, from 11 to 2.

We had the best time last Saturday. The room was well lit and cool!! You pick a spot at the gaint pannels that are ready for you to paint, a small or large area of paint by numbers. I was having summer childhood flash backs. They showed me what the section would look like when finished. I couldn’t make out what I was painting untill I stood back and it all came together. The Mural Arts group gives you all the supplies you need to get to work. The atmosphere was fun and upbeat. If you like doing paint by numbers and want to be a part of the biggest art works that were ever in Frankford, this is the place to be this coming Saturday! Don’t miss out on all the fun. Diane Kunze

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Murals Going Up in Frankford

Mural panels in progress

Saturday, August 4th, was the first public community paint day for the Frankford murals. I stopped by for some pictures and there was a steady stream of visitors coming in to try their hand at this historic project.  Meanwhile, if you have been by Womrath Park in the last, week you might have missed noticing the work begun on the first mural panels.  I was there to photograph the work on the rain garden and missed it myself.

Below is a slide show of Paint day.  It’s not too late to participate.  There will a second community paint day at 2nd Baptist Church next Saturday from 11AM till 2PM.  That is at 1801 Meadow Street.


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Frankford Murals Reveal the Heart of its People

The design of the first three of the five mural locations in Frankford have been unveiled and the results, as judged by the residents at the meeting, are stunning.  The hours of interviews, meetings, walking the neighborhood etc. have clearly made an impression on the artist, Cesar Viveros.  He has tried to incorporate the wealth of history, tradition, hopes, values and dreams of Frankford into the project.

So if you were standing in Womrath Park you would be able to see all three of these murals.  If you are coming up from Center City on the El, you will also be able to see the murals.

There will eventually be documentation to explain what the images in the mural portray.  At the meeting, not everyone had heard about Lydia Darragh or the Frankford Advice, two of the more interesting historic stories involving Frankford.

The slide show below gives you a quick view of the before and after views.


The thumbnails below will give you a more detailed closeup view of the murals.  We still need the last two mural designs to be finalized and production will begin shortly.  The community will be invited to participate in the paining of the art work.  This is a unique opportunity to witness history close up.