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Mural Arts Community Meeting

The first community meeting to plan the murals for the pop up park on Paul Street next to the Destination Frankford art gallery will be held at 6:00 PM tonight, May 27th, at the Turning Points for Children office at Griscom and Church Street.  This is the St. Joachim Rectory.  This is your opportunity to have a voice in shaping what goes up on those walls.



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EPIC Stakeholders March Meeting

The Northeast EPIC Stakeholders met on March 27th at 2nd Baptist with a full program of informative speakers.  Nafisah Lewis, the new coordinator, lead the meeting.

George Mosee, Deputy District Attorney, discussed in detail the juvenile justice system in Philadelphia.  With his years of experience as a prosecutor, he has seen it all yet approaches each case with an eye toward justice.  One important takeaway for those at the meeting was a common misconception that juvenile arrest records are automatically expunged when the individual reaches maturity.  This is not an automatic process.  A petition must be filed.  It’s important because those records can hold a young person back from getting a student loan or even enlisting in the military.

Latasha Myers spoke on Turning Points for Children and the need for foster parents.

Leon Brantley spoke on Cyrus Bushnell (1700s) and Sister Sara Congo (1800s) and the movement to formulate historic and patriotic clubs in schools and churches.

Elizabeth Nicholas, community organizer for spoke about the new and growing online community for neighborhoods.

Brett Hart from the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, at the Globe Dye Works, introduced himself and described their program for youth.

Jason Dawkins, candidate for the state assembly for the 179th legislative district gave a campaign talk at the end of the meeting.  His opponent for the seat, James Clay, was not present.

The next meeting of the Northeast EPIC Stakeholders will be held n April 24th at 5:39 PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.


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New Leader at Northeast EPIC Stakeholders

char lewis

Nafisah and Charlene

Northeast EPIC Stakeholders announced at the meeting on February 27th that Charlene Lewis will be leaving her post and the new coordinator will be Nafisah Lewis.  She is at present working as an EPIC Elite.   Char will remain working in Frankford but in a new position at Turning Points for Children.

The meeting also featured Darlene Crawford and Jacquelyn Bivins of the Public Affairs Division of the Water Department.  In addition, Percy Rosales (Community Outreach for PECO) gave a ton of useful tips about how to save on your electric bill.

The next EPKIC Stakeholders meeting will be on Thursday, March 27th at 5:30 PM at the Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

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Manny Citron at Frankford Civic

manny citron

Sanya and Manny at Overington Park

Philly Rising’s Manny Citron introduced his replacement at the Frankford Civic Association meeting on December 5th.  Sanya Brown, graduate of Temple University, has assumed Manny’s coordinator duties at PhillyRising. Manny is moving on to another position in the Philadelphia Managing Director’s office.

Manny has been a constant presence in Frankford at every event over the last two years.  He is a roll up your sleeves and get dirty, kind of guy that you need in PhillyRising and he leaves Frankford a better place.  We look forward to working with Sanya.

Other news at the meeting:

  • Several nuisance bars have been closed on the East side of Torresdale Avenue in the last two months much to the relieve of local residents.
  • Turning Points for Children is opening a local office at 4329 Griscom Street.  The entrance will be on the side where Family Dollar is on Frankford Avenue.  They are the DHS Community Umbrella Agency for the 15th police district.
  • The club at 4721 Oxford Avenue has been closed by L&I.  That is what the white sign with the red strips means on the door.
  • There is some hope that two buildings 4728, 32-34 Griscom, long vacant, may be turned to good use.  There are some legal hurdles that have to be overcome but it could happen and that will transform that intersection.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on January 9th, 2014.  This is one week later than usual due to the New Years holiday.